Saturday, January 2, 2016


Just jogged low aerobic 7.5 miles this morning. Felt like a recovery day. It used to be that the best way to get myself to truly go easy was to use my HR monitor as a leash. Recently though this method has started to piss me off, because I'm always 'racing' myself to see how fast I can go while staying within my own prescribed HR cap. Somehow when I'm coming back from a layoff or a while away from true aerobic training, this works great. Once I've spent 2 months doing it though, I get irritated when I don't see improvement every run, and then the uphills piss me off, and well, I need to find another method so I can achieve my objective but still enjoy running!

These days my best bet seems to be to leave my garmin at home and listen to a podcast. I'm not sure what it is exactly about podcasts, but when I listen to them while I run, I tend to go quite easy and stay really relaxed. Today I listened to the 3rd episode of the new Serial. They do such a great job of narrating a story- I genuinely enjoy listening and running while doing so is perfect. I think the thing I like the most about the narration of it all is how balanced it seems. I feel like they present the situations from lots of different angles, without much bias, but in great detail, which I appreciate. Last season I didn't discover Serial until they were like 10 episodes in, so it was great b/c I didn't have to wait a whole week (or two!) until the next one came out. This time around though I'm on it and I find myself  wanting them to come more frequently!

Knee held up today pretty well. Massaging my quads (by hand) seems to be the best thing I can do to manage that situation. Voodoo band has been quite good too, because that tends to make it crack when it needs to.

The last few days were really active for Maia. She spent a lot of time catching up on sleep today.


Steve said...

I used a heart rate monitor for a couple years, and then I realized I always knew what it was going to say so I ditched it.

You run in relatively high temps all the time, and running is best done in cooler weather.

Hawaii seems about the worst place to run a marathon. It is warm by most standards unless your at elevation, but your at elevation. :)

Not to mention I can't imagine a non-hilly route.

Take it easy.


Damie said...

one of my tricks too! podcasts for easy runs! it works! hope you are well. xo