Sunday, January 10, 2016

73 Days

I woke up yesterday morning and my first thought was Damn. I feel old. Right away I noticed my quads were sore, which was weird, b/c Friday's run should NOT have left my legs sore!? As the morning passed, I noticed the achy feeling moving into my head, my neck, my back... Then it occurred to me... Ah ha. I have the flu. Shit. It got worse and worse and I spent the whole day in bed, which sucked, because it was a perfect day outside and some friends were having a birthday party at the beach and that would have been way more fun to attend than the Netflix marathon I had. Though I have to say... Making A Murderer... WOW. Unbelievable. It's a really compelling documentary so if you're ever holed up sick for a few days and need something other than Facebook and blogs to keep you occupied, watch that! I watched the whole thing this weekend, all 10 episodes. That's how inactive I was. Blah.

I feel sort of silly admitting this, but my biggest concern yesterday was that I was going to break my run streak. I went back in my log to see when I started... Turns out, I've run at least 1.5 miles every day since Oct 27. I had a 73 day streak going! And yesterday there I was I was laying in bed, groaning when I had to roll over, debating whether or not I should go run. I shit you not. I didn't run, for the record, but I was quite sad at the thought of breaking that streak. I did make a promise to myself (once I sort of realized that I was streaking) that I would only do it if I was healthy, that I wouldn't become super obsessive about it, etc. I thought maybe breaking the streak would come as a bit of a relief, but it didn't at all. I was genuinely enjoying that streak.

Today I felt marginally better, and continued on an upswing as the day passed. By noon I felt well enough to take Maia out for a 30' walk (go me!). By 5:00 I felt well enough to go for a dog jog, and Moana came along on her bike. So I started my Streak #2, Day #1 with 2.2 relaxed miles. :)

Obviously I need to rethink my taper plan a bit. Maui Marathon is a week from today. I don't feel like I can make any real plans for the week b/c I need to see how I'm feeling each day, so I'm just going to make it up as I go with these goals in mind:

#1 goal is to be 100% healthy at the start line.
#2 goal is to not be over-rested. I do not perform as well when I am over rested.

Those two goals might be tough to balance. I only got in 26 miles this week, which is my smallest week since I can't remember when (by a lot!!)... So I'm really not sure what I will do this week. It'll all be about going with my gut, I think.

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Steve said...

That is a heck of a streak. Sucks you broke it cuz you got sick, but sounds like you were smart about it.

You do know you'll eventually have to do the time sucking bike thing right?? :)

Glad you feel better.