Monday, January 11, 2016


I thought maybe I felt a bit better this morning. Jogged down to the pool and swam an easy 2K. It's been sunny the last few days so the water was a bit warmer (maybe 75?) but I wore my wetsuit anyway primarily b/c I didn't want to put my immune system under any excess stress. I wasn't hot in my wetsuit but it was nice to be able to swim truly easy and not feel cold.

I had the thought today about how I'm totally capable of coming up with swim sets that are quite interesting and fun and challenging, but when I'm just swimming alone, I do the most boring main sets ever.



I could tell later in the day that I was most definitely still fighting a virus. It almost felt like a new/different one!? Ugh. In my throat/chest. Nooooooooo!! A friend suggested I go to Jamba Juice and get a lemon/ginger/cayenne shot. So I did that. It was quite good and seemed to hit the spot, if only temporarily.
It was so good that I figured that rather than going back to Jamba Juice 3x/day, I would get everything I needed to make my own. So I went to the store and bought lemons and ginger and a new container of cayenne. I also bought propolis and kefir and kombucha and oil of oregano and some wellness supplement thing... Let's just call it what is is. Desperate.

I'd never had oil of oregano before but heard it was the bomb for killing viruses. The oil I bought said take 1-4 drops and could dilute it with water... So I put 4 drops in maybe 3-4 oz of water, swished it around until it seemed mixed enough, then drank it down sort of quickly like a shot. Um. HOLY CRAP. Have you ever had that stuff? It tasted like poison. Just absolutely nasty. I watched some online videos afterward to see if I was missing something (I wasn't). It's possible I didn't dilute it enough, but really, that stuff is nasty. I'm not sure I'll be able to force myself to try it again? I can see how it might kill viruses though. I think it could kill just about anything.

Later I made another cup of the ginger lemon cayenne drink, but made it as a warm tea and added the propolis. I genuinely like the taste of that and like the burning sensation I get in my throat when I drink it. Unfortunately the combination of all that throat burning was too much and it seems I've zapped my vocal chords. I'm pretty sure it was more the oregano oil vs the cayenne, but still. The ultra-deep voice I have right now is proof that I don't do anything half-assed.

Anyway, I opted to not run this afternoon b/c it didn't feel like the right thing to do. Hoping tomorrow is better. I couldn't have finished a marathon today. I have 5 days to kick this thing. I'm trying.


Steve said...

What rotten luck.

I have no idea how you will feel in 5 days, but I hope close to 100%.

I do feel bad for you.

Cya. :)

elizabeth said...

i think i have the same thing you have. while you have a marathon to run, i have a move + a marathon drive this weekend. your description of the oil of oregano almost has me going out to buy some to try it! lol. why is that my reaction?! hope you feel better soon!