Saturday, November 12, 2011


Let's see... I'd say I'm 1/2 way through the big swim week but I have not done my swim yet today so not quite there... but it will only be 3K this afternoon and not that hard so I'm not the least bit concerned about it. Today is the easiest swim day on our schedule, primarily b/c it falls between the 7K ocean swim (yesterday) and the 100x100's (tomorrow).

So we were pleasantly surprised yesterday that the conditions for our ocean swim did not suck. I do think it's always good to mentally prepare for THE WORST and then when it's not that bad it seems downright pleasant! :) The weatherman totally botched the forecast for this weekend... It has not really rained at all so I don't know what that forecast about rain rain rain for 3 days in a row was about. Yesterday in town it was all blue sky and a few puffy white clouds and we were like, um, this does not look like what we thought it was going to look like! I chose to wear a wetsuit though during that long ocean swim and I'm glad I did b/c it allowed me to relax and cruise at an easier effort than normal... and then my lips did not turn blue and I was not shivering at the end so that was a big bonus too. We made it all the way to the Ala Wai Channel Marker buoy and back so basically the whole Double Roughwater course. Thinking about it today I would say that it really wasn't that bad but I will admit that after about 90' of swimming yesterday I was thinking that I was OVER IT and actually started day dreaming about running. Miracles never cease I guess.

Interestingly, this morning when I woke up I actually felt better than I did yesterday morning. My fatigue is actually less after the third day than it was after the second day. In fact, my whole upper body feels rather normal right now. Go figure. Ask me again Monday morning and I may have a different story though?

For a while yesterday our 100x100's were in jeopardy.... scheduling challenges that moms have to deal with when their husbands have stuff they want to do too meant that we needed to get that swim done in the morning instead of the afternoon but finding a pool that is open on Oahu on a Sunday morning is no easy task... I thought briefly about hopping the fence to get into our normal pool b/c really, I'm sure no one would even see us in there (and it's not like I haven't hopped fences to get into swimming pools before but I guess that was college and we were drunk and I really should not tell that story b/c, well, the police were involved and my mom reads this blog and anyway...) This community is so awesome and when I put the SOS out there yesterday Kim came through in an amazing way and figured out how to get us in to a private pool... and not just any pool... a HEATED long course pool... with lane lines. We will not know what to do with ourselves!!! Rumor has it there is also a hot tub there and a sauna... OMG. I will take pictures and post about that tomorrow. Epic workout is back ON and we owe a big thanks to Kim and Coach Joe for helping us make it happen.

I was asked if I am also running during this swim block... yes... am running! Mileage is cut down of course but I'll still get in ~35 miles this week and ~40 next week so definitely not cutting it out. I'm running a 1/2 marathon next weekend so it'll be interesting to see how that goes after all this swimming.

Did I mention we are going to a Chocolate Party tonight? I know. Perfect fueling for the 10K swim tomorrow morning. Moana is going to be a complete spaz. This will actually be her third time attending this annual party. Last year she made the evening news because she was so cute- all covered with chocolate and a big goofy grin on her face.


Nitsirk said...

100 x 100 sounds like such a fun workout. Can't wait to hear about it!

cherelli said...

Mmmm chocolate party, I would totally pull a Moana if i were there...good luck in your 100x100s tomorrow, I'm interested to see how it goes - I assume you have a way of keeping count???

Kiet said...

The 100 x 100 set is legit but somehow I've never done it, wanna hear the report on that one.

Ange said...

this is fun to read about.
(and,I did that know, hopped a fun whilst drunk to get in a pool...crazy swimmers)