Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My 3 Year Old Fairy

Moana's life has been hectic this last week! I know my mom is dying for an update so here you go... :)

Thursday she turned 3. Scott's parents were here so we had a little birthday party for her and she enjoyed her cake. The icing was a bigger hit than the cake, for sure. (On Friday I had to throw the rest of the cake away b/c, well, sorry but I work from home and I have NO will power when there is cake in my house.) Moana got one of those balance bikes for her birthday so now she gets to ride bikes like mommy.

On Friday she got to go on a field trip with her school to the pumpkin patch, which is really just a farm in Waimanalo where they import a bunch of pumpkins and put them in a field... but we do what we have to do here in Hawaii where pumpkins do not grow on their own. Anyway, she came home with a white pumpkin. Interesting, I thought. I asked her if she got to pick out her pumpkin. "Yes! I picked out my pumpkin!" What color pumpkin did your friends pick?  "Orange." Were you the only one who picked out a white pumpkin? "Yes." Wow. I thought that was so cool- the fact that at 3 years old she is confident enough to go against the grain and be the only one to pick out a white pumpkin. Good girl.

Saturday we went to the zoo with grandma and grandpa. What do you see?

Good thing grandma is strong!

Then yesterday was Halloween so of course we went out and taught Moana how to ask strangers for candy. (It did not take her long to get the hang of that.) The neighborhood we went to was all in when it came to this holiday... houses all decorated and everyone was gathered outside in their driveways (no need to ring any doorbells b/c everyone just sets up their candy tables in their driveways and blasts scary music and the kids just run up the driveways and collect their candy.) No kidding there were 300+ kids Trick-or-Treating there... plus all their parents as escorts... it was like a block party. Pretty fun. Moana was a bit intimidated by groups of older kids who were much more aggressive than she... but she learned to just sort of stand back and wait... just let them do their thing and then she would approach the driveways when there was adequate space.

In the last bit of Moana news today... Guess who had her first haircut last night? Nalani's mom cuts hair so she did the honors. She cut 4-5" off but it's still really long. (This pic is pre-cut.) Moana was a trooper and didn't mid getting it cut at all. One of her friends at school also just had her hair cut so I think that made it more acceptable. Maddy got her hair cut! Peer pressure can be awesome like that... in the same way last month it was Maddy wears big girl underpants...


Kay Roberts said...

Yes, yes, yes!! I have been checking both your blog and fb often to look for updates! I almost CALLED YOU ON THE 'PHONE! :) But I know you have been busy with company. She is so beautiful - love the fairy costume and glad she had so fun last night. And her new bike - what a great gift.. Love you all... Mom xoxoxo

Iron Krista, "The Dog Mom" said...

She is SO cute!
And, WFH…. I turned off my lights and hid from trick or treaters (first time ever) last night because 1. Shane felt like crap & I was still sniffling so didn't feel like dealing with barking dogs and getting up every 5mins 2. I so didn't want the leftover candy :-)

mtanner said...

I LOVE HER! She is truly special!

H said...

Hi Michelle,

I haven't posted on here for soooo long, probably over a year or more but I still read your blog to give me my Ironman fix and to envy your training and beautiful surroundings. Tom & I have just had our first baby, we had a little girl 17 days ago and looking at Moana celebrating her 3rd birthday has shocked me. I first started following your blog when she was really very tiny and that seems like moments ago! Anyway, you're lifestyle and attitude to training still inspires me and I can't wait to start running again. Our Ironman days are over but I love running and swimming enough to keep me going. We can't wait until our little one is walking and talking but for now I could just sit and smell her all day, she's such a teeny tiny thing, happy days!!

Take care.

H :) x