Friday, November 4, 2011

Sidewalk Chalk Is Useful

I've totally been into apples lately and have tried lots of different ones. At this point I'm rather convinced the 'honey crisp' ones from Costco are my favorites. They are juicy and crunchy. I don't like soft apples. Anyway.

I was supposed to do my first real track/speed workout yesterday but I felt like crap so I skipped it and slept instead. Actually, back that up- I was supposed to do it on Tuesday but it had been dumping rain so much that I knew our dirt track would actually be a mud pit so we ran hills instead and rescheduled track for Thursday. Excuses excuses, right? Gah! And this was a workout I was really looking forward to doing but it just wasn't happening.

Yesterday I battled that flu virus with my typical arsenal of fruits, vegetables, kefir, and apple cider vinegar 'tea' and woke up this morning feeling better. So I wanted to do that track workout! BUT, it really hasn't stopped raining all week so our track looks like this. While Moana would probably love to run through that, and I agree it has the potential to be fun, I opted not to do that today.

In good news, I can be quite resourceful in making things happen when I want them to... so this morning I powered up my garmin and borrowed a piece of pink sidewalk chalk from Moana (one of the many benefits of having a 3 year old is the endless supply of sidewalk chalk at the house) and jogged over to a quiet neighborhood a few miles away where there is actually a flat section of road... measured out and marked my distances and set to work.

It was a perfect workout this morning and I think I executed it exactly as it was meant to be and as I was jogging home I was thinking about how *ready* I felt to finally start that type of running. I've spent ~10 months just diligently establishing my aerobic fitness and I have this base that is so huge I feel like I can do just about any workout and absorb it and recover from it so much better than I've ever been able to do in the past. The workout I did this morning would have left me tired and sore last year... but this year it just left me invigorate and hungry for more.

I've got 3 athletes racing in Florida tomorrow and 1 in Vegas. Spent much of this morning talking the Florida ones down off the cliff through dealing with cold (they are also from here and 47 degree air temp is very cold for us!). I've lost some sleep this week thinking about them and their racing this weekend. I'm pretty sure I'm more nervous being on the sidelines watching than I would be on the start line racing.


Beth said...

A "track" made with sidewalk chalk is briliant!! :) Good luck to your athletes. I know Oscar worries about his runners more than his own races too. Good thing I'm not a coach! :)

Ginger Spansel said...

Pink Lady apples are my fav!!

GoBigGreen said...

Too funny, honeycrisp are from MN:) Univ of MN genetically engineered that flavor, try the Sweet Tango is even better, that's a cross btwn Honeycrisp and Haralson. See MN is ok even if we dont have coconuts:)

mmmonyka said...

Running workout on a road... just a thought of running hard on hard surface makes my joints, tendons, muscles, bones and everything else hurt!

mtanner said...

Gonna send you some bad a$$ apples girl! So excited to start with you- you HAVE NO IDEA.