Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Happy Place

Well you will all be happy to know that I broke my funk! Mamasimmons is back. Phew! All it took was a 2+ hour run with 1700ft of climbing. :)

I think I was just missing the challenge of having any real 'meaty' workouts this week so it was awesome to go to my favorite route and run it feeling like something other than a lumbering elephant. It is certainly the case with me that I need to have good solid challenges on my plate. This run took me to my happy place.

Interestingly (don't tell my husband) I could not stop thinking about UltraMan during this run... and what a cool challenge that would be... I have some serious curiosity about just how hard it must be given that super ultra athletes Rich Roll and Jonas Colting both dropped out and DNF'd... If you've been following it this weekend you know they all mentioned the wind and they were not kidding- this really was one of the windiest weekends we've had all year with sustained winds of 20-30+mph. That's just relentless crap to ride through- and shoot, that kind of wind is tough to run through too! Anyway, we'll see if this UltraMan fantasy of mine is just a passing phase or if it actually becomes a goal at some point... I was thinking today that it would be super cool to go crew for someone next year and that would obviously give me more insight and probably set me straight and cure any crazy thoughts I might have about doing it myself. Or not.


Matt said...

now I know your crazy...Ultraman ;)

Looks like a wicked run!

Tejas Runner said...

I've been totally fascinated with UltraMan for quite some time so I completely understand your interest. My ultimate goal is go complete it...and complete it well.

Hope to see you out there someday!

cherelli said...

Glad you're out of your funk - though sounds like you're teetering on a crazy ledge! JK - why not scope it out with a long term plan....? I mean, you might not have to tell Scott tell training seriously ramps up.... ;)

Angela and David said...

Crazy!!! But good luck if you decide to go for it. Just thinking about how much chafing it must involve is enough for me to rule it out.

mtanner said...

not only will I crew I will run at least 30 mi with you!!!