Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday night bullet point style..

~Last night we had a party b/c it was Scott's birthday. Normally I wouldn't drink margaritas the night before a race but I was just trying to be a good supportive wife and then suddenly somehow the entire bottle of Tequila (the huge one- from Costco) was *gone*. There were only 6 of us drinking margaritas so you do the math.

~Some of the margs were blended with lilikoi and some were blended with lime. The lilikoi was totally better, but all the lilikoi and limes came right off our trees which I thought was pretty cool.

~I spent much of the day yesterday making carrot cake from scratch for Scott (cream cheese icing too). I finished it up, put it in the fridge, then about an hour later opened the fridge and watched that cake fall right off the shelf and splat onto the floor. Unfortunately Moana learned a new word and then we went to the bakery and bought a new cake for Scott.

~When Scott got home from surfing Moana greeted him at the door and said, "I didn't do it. Mommy did it."

~I got a message from Nalani this morning telling me that lilikoi and lime are good luck the night before a bike race. I think what might have been even luckier was if I would have done any threshold hill repeats in training lately. Turns out, the fitness required for a fast hilly bike race is different from the fitness required to put together a decent Ironman, and I'm not as good at faking the threshold stuff as I hoped I'd be. It was fun though and even though I humbly got my ass handed to me, I'm glad I went. Those people who just ride bikes are very fast. And big congrats to my athlete Teri who flew over from Maui and won!

~This afternoon we took Moana to see Sesame Street LIVE. Imagine a concert hall full of kids ages 2-6ish and a bunch of adults dancing and singing in large furry animal costumes... Moana was enthralled and just enjoyed every second of that show. Especially the audience participation part... She was happy and she knew it! :)


Molly said...

Too funny - sounds like a good weekend :) And you don't even get to blame the cake splat on the alcohol!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, a bike race after a night of tequila and cake?? You are made of stronger stuff than I am, in more ways than one! Ha. Sounds like a great weekend.

Angela and David said...

The thought of all that cream cheese icing going to waste breaks my heart.

mtanner said...

Love Scott's bday present and I'm all about carrot cake too!