Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Trip...

There's way too much to write about regarding our travel adventures... So I'm just going to note down some of my thoughts and observations.

~Moana has been a traveling champ. She's so seasoned at this point. Going through airport security she automatically takes her shoes off now before even being asked. I did think at one point that a 2 week trip that involved 4 states and tons of driving and camping in cold weather climates (37 degrees in Yellowstone!) was really too much to ask of a 2 year old... Especially since we were all sick and coughing and Moana ended up with an ear infection that had us at an urgent care room at 10PM the other night begging for anti-biotics. But even with that, she's a champ.

~Alaska Air is awesome. I'm very pleasantly surprised by the service we've gotten. And they only charge $50 for bikes. Still too much in my opinion, but better than Delta/NWA $200 charge. I've officially boycotted them. But back to Alaska... Get the credit card for $99 companion ticket and a couple of passes into their 'board room' and get free drinks on your layovers. Oh, and they paint some of their planes with Disney caracters like Tinkerbell which makes your two year old deliriously happy.

~Cold weather makes your nose run. I've been using chap stick under my nostrils bc my nose is all chapped. Same with Moana.

~I'm the only one on our group who didn't see a bear while we were camping. But Nalani took some sweet pictures of one they saw so it's pretty much like I was there.

~Speaking of Nalani, she and Kurt are probably the best travel companions we could have asked for. They are totally organized but fun and laid back at the same time. In two full weeks of spending every day with them, I am not tired of them. Impressive, because I like my alone time.

~Early morning running in rural Montana and Idaho is very peaceful. Yesterday morning Nalani and I went jogging and saw 5 deer frolicking in a meadow... Then we saw two little fawns chasing each other around. It was way cool.

~I'm feeling quite recovered from IM already. I guess that's how it goes when you're pretty fit and ready going in.

~Two weeks is plenty of time to be away. We had fun but I am ready to be home. Pictures to come once Kurt uploads them. I think he took 1000+ so it might be a few days before he sorts through them. In the meantime, race pics are up on FB so you've probably at least seen those already.


Kiet said...

I agree about Moana, meeting her for that brief stint the morning of the swim made me realized how chill this little girl is, my nieces and nephews are not that chill. So good to meet you Michelle, since IMCDA, I've thought about you and each time, I think, that chic was so poised all through race day. Poised is the best way to describe your performance that day.

Beth said...

Sounds like an amazing time!! Can't wait to see the photos!!

Oh and we flew home from Kona last year on Alaska Airlines and I remember REALLY liking them. Kind of like Southwest but maybe even better! Safe travels home!

Molly said...

I'm so glad to hear you had such a fantastic trip! I love Alaska - they also let you upgrade to 1st class for a very small (relatively speaking) fee (like $50 or 100?) at the airport if there is room left. We're flying them out to spectate Kona later this year.

Glad you made it home safely and are ready to get back to training!

Teresa said...

Alaska is GREAT. But they just raised their bike fees to $75. Only when we leave Kona have we been charged that. You were lucky ;)

So glad you spent some time away and with amazing people.

And yes, kleenex is a must around here, the nose never stops!!!

Glad you are back home safely. tn

Ginger Spansel said...

Sounds like an wonderful time! That's what I call a vacation!