Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My New Love

Some good stuff going on! Bullet point style:

~Our pool was open today! Happy! Yesterday I swam in a grossly hot and cloudy pool (YUCK) in the neighboring town. At noon, because that's when its set up longcourse. I blanked out on the sunscreen which was BAD. Totally sunburnt back and shoulders last night. :( Normally we swim at 7AM so I don't worry about sunscreen... but if our pool had continued to be closed (and the noon swims would have therefore been more regular) I would have had to start worrying about it for sure! 

~My biking is coming right back. Every time I go out on my bike the numbers I see get better and better. Makes it quite motivating to go ride my bike! :)

~My swim and run are coming along more slowly. They are coming along for sure... a little better each day... but not quite as quickly as the bike. Regardless, it feels good to be back on a set schedule again and just doing my thing. I still really like training for Ironman.

~My conversation with coach yesterday went something like this:
Me: Are you going to kill me in the next few months?
Coach: I'm going to try!
Perfect. I wonder if I'll still like training for Ironman come September? I bet I will.

~I took Moana to the playground this afternoon. It's been forever (maybe a year??) since I've tried to do a pull up. I remember I used to do them all the time when I was at the playground with her... I knocked out 6 today without a ton of effort and called it good. I might have been able to squeak out 1 or 2 more if it would have mattered... But I'll never know b/c in my head it did not matter.

~I have a new love. My Blendtec blender. Bought it at Costco last week after the guy demo-ing it told me it was better than a Vitamix (I've always wanted a Vitamix!) Anyway, I saw how the thing worked and just forked over my credit card and now we all drink smoothies several times/day. I went through a whole big bag of spinach in like 5 days b/c I'm experimenting and I put spinach in everything I blend. Seems like it's really easy to eat raw/paleo with this thing. I'm not totally raw nor am I paleo but I'm trending in those directions more and more and this thing is making is eeeeasy. I bet I'm getting 10 servings of fruits and vegetables these days, which really is quite satisfying. That smoothie I took a picture of (below) is guava juice, lilikoi (from the tree across the street), kiwi, strawberries, spinach, Udo's Oil, and some whey protein. I'm pretty sure I could live on smoothies like this but Scott tends to give himself ice cream headaches b/c he drinks them too fast so he prefers solid food. So I still have to cook some meals. But I kid you not, Moana ate green 'ice cream' the other night and asked for it again tonight... I called it Popeye's Ice Cream b/c of all the spinach! She just remembered it was green and said, Can I have the green one?

~Nalani claims that the Vitamix makes a mean margarita so we're going to have a margarita face off next weekend... her Vitamix vs my Blendtec... and we'll use the lilikois from the tree across the street to make them even better! It's Scott's birthday next week so that should be a fun theme for his party. :)


cherelli said...

Yup, LOVE our Vitamix, we saved for a while to get ours but it was totally worth it! I'm eyeing off making a healthy avocado/cocnutmilk/nut ice cream style thing using it at the moment....yum for smoothies though :)

Molly said...

I LOVE all the spinach I can eat in smoothies. I want a nice fancy blender like that though :)

Billie said...

You'll have to share the recipes you come up with!! I miss Costco's big bag of spinach!!!

Aimee said...

I have a Vitamix and LOVE it!! It is awesome! You are going to love your new blender!!!

N.D. said...

I love my vitamix and it looks similar .love the smoothies too!!