Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Hope My House Doesn't Catch Fire

I get to go to Kona on Tuesday! So psyched about that. Kiet is already trying to blame his impending Type 3 Fun on me but I won't let him do that... I think my insane love for training on the Big Island will rub off on him immediately and he will buck up and the fun will certainly be Type 1. And if it's not, well, the 120 mile ride on Wednesday was HIS idea. Not mine. Just putting that out there in advance.

So anyway, stay tuned for fun training stories and pictures from Kona later this week.

As for now, I'm just trying to figure out how to get my legs back before my flight takes off on Tuesday morning... Remember how I've written so much about all those easy runs where I'm holding back and jogging and la la la bored-out-of-my-mind? Yeah. Those days are over. These days I read my run workouts and think either a) Coach has me confused with one of his other athletes who is clearly a more accomplished runner than me, or b) That fall he took last week on his mountain bike hurt his head worse than we thought.

I did my long run this afternoon... It wasn't one of those just get the miles in types of runs... It was more like how fast can you run 18 miles? Turns out, faster than I thought, (but amazingly right in the range that coach thought). So that was cool. But then later I was crashed out on my couch and emailing one of my athletes who was lamenting how much her legs hurt after her long run and I commiserated by saying that I wasn't sure I could get up off the couch if my house was on fire.

In other news, ladies... listen up. Last week I resorted to using Moana's diaper cream for my second long ride... but today I stopped into my local bike shop and inquired about some stuff that might work even better... And I found it! (Huge mahalos to Sonja at ITB for recommending it!) Hoo Ha Ride Glide... Have you tried this stuff? I balked at the $22 price tag on the big tube so instead just bought a couple little travel size packs to try out... I was sure I wouldn't use that whole huge tube. But, um, let me just say this- I didn't even ride today but I used it. Twice. This stuff is nice. Cool. Tingly. Now I'm thinking that I would pay $44 for that big tube and surely would use it daily. I mean, really. Even if you don't ride bikes this stuff might be worth checking out. Just sayin'.


Kathy said...

Discovered Hoo Ha last summer. LOVED IT. Obviously haven't had a lot of chances to use it recently, but good find. Better than diaper creme for sure. Have a great time at Kona!

Beth said...


Type 1 fun all the way baby!!!! You guys are going to kill it out there in the lava fields!! Have some great training!!

PS I also sometimes think my coach confused me with one of his other (much faster) athletes... ;)

Donna said...

I use the Reflect Sports H20 shampoo and conditions (same company that makes Hoo-Ha). The shampoo is incredible. It is the first and only product I've found so far that makes my hair smell, well, like hair. Absolutely ZERO chlorine smell. If you can find it I highly recommend trying it - or ask them for a sample - the women who run Reflect are amazing and super friendly to athletes!

Libby said...

have SOOO much fun in Kona girl! great training trip and don't let kiet go type 2 on ya :) can't wait to see awesome pics from your training.
oh and my secret is definitely desitin! cheapest and best cream you will find! I love it!!

Regina said...

I think Judi at Miles and Madness is repping that stuff. Saw something on FB (still waiting for you on Google+, eh em).

Why is it better than my Balmex? Is it only the tingly sensation?

Lectie said...

love Hoo Ha, it works wonders!!

Teresa said...

Must find cream.
Incredibly jealous of you and Kiet right now!
All coaches are crazy (really, look at us!)

Train on girlfriend!


Conni Miller said...

I get it right off their website. The shampoo, condition, and hair protector (for swimming) is just incredible and for the price, this stuff lasts a long time even with daily use. A little goes a long way.

They are super nice and my order is always shipped very fast. I'm trying to talk my hair stylist to carry it at her salon :)