Sunday, July 10, 2011

Just Me, Myself, and My Heart Rate Monitor

So I'm continuing down this road of trying to recover from CdA. I think it's going as expected. I don't feel super but I don't feel terrible and I think my head is in the right place. Coach is encouraging me to be patient which I appreciate.

I'm back on the heart-rate-monitor-as-choke-chain plan... jogging and riding and seeing those numbers and then backing off and going even easier and walking up hills and well, you know the drill. This morning I actually drove to Kailua to get my run in because it's flatter there and I didn't want to have to walk half my run (which I would have had to do to keep my HR in the right place on given the hills around my house)... so there I was jogging ever so gently on a flat road being passed by a very old man who appeared to be barely moving forward but obviously he was going faster than me and in my ears Jamie Foxx was singing You know you're looking at a winner winner winner I can't miss can't lose can't miss you know you're looking at a winner winner winner yeah cause I'm a winner... It was a rather classic ironman training moment in my world. Lol.

Anyway, whats interesting to me this time around is that I find myself much less frustrated at the slow pace I have to jog to keep my HR in the right place. In the winter when I was just doing this for the first time it was incredibly frustrating. Right now? Notsomuch. I was thinking about that this morning while I was jogging and I came to the conclusion that last time I was only like maybe 75% sure that this was the right way for me to be training- and 100% of that 75% was simply because it's what Tim told me to do and he sounded so confident in it... (I swear the only reason I stuck to it was b/c I didn't want to let him down by not following the plan.) But this time around I am 100% certain that this is what I need to be doing. I know that it's going to get better and I know that by putting my time in with this slow/easy stuff now I'll be able to really push the harder workouts that are coming in the next few months. So it's all good. I am not worried.

Interestingly, I got a note yesterday from a young gal who trains here locally... she told me that her coach was making her train at HR 140-150 and that she was very frustrated at the slow pace she had to hold and that she couldn't hang onto any group rides at that heart rate and that she felt like ending every training session in tears... but she heard that's how I trained and is that true?? I smiled with understanding and wrote back to her- yep, true. That's why I ride alone so much. Just me, myself, and my heart rate monitor.


Aimee said...

Heart rate training can be VERY frustrating, but I think it's the right way to go too! You are doing awesome!!

Iron Krista, "The Dog Mom" said...

HR training isn't so frustrating when your gamin flies off your arm at mile 95 of the bike, ergo, you no longer have a HR monitor to use :-)

I'm debating what to buy.. and really not doing all that much so I think it's ok :-) I think August 1 I'll be back!

Kiet said...

Unlike you, I didn't put my body through hell so I'm still carrying that tapered feeling. Swim, bike, and 6 x 1 mile off the bike yesterday. And it was all fun, just gotta be careful not to overdo it. Patience grasshopper. I'll be in Kona from July 27-Aug. 11, wanna come over and train the Kona course?

Regina said...

Works for me! Well, actually, I don't know that it will actually work for me, but I don't take much convincing to stick with it. I sense tougher roads ahead.