Friday, April 29, 2011

Welcome Back, Old Friend

Sometimes I think I'm way too into triathlons... then I do something like listen to part of a podcast like IM Talk and then realize that given that I have no clue what those Kiwis are yapping about, I'm probably not as into it as I could be. Or as much as some people are. And somehow that makes me feel more sane.

Our pool was closed again this morning (Why? You ask... Pick a reason.) so Nalani and I went to Ala Moana Beach park to swim with a couple of folks from our triathlon team. It's actually a rather decent workout involving 500M repeats along a buoy line in very calm water. (It cracks us up though that people call this 'ocean swimming' b/c Ala Moana is more like a big salt water lake, but whatever.) We'd do it more often but it involves a 30 min drive into town and while I like swimming, I don't think I'd drive 30 min each way to do it all the time. But I digress. We did it this morning and it was good. Coach is apparently tired of listening to me whine about my swim so he's given me some faster stuff to do lately which has been satisfying. Phew. So this morning after warming up we did 4 x 500's at a solid clip and I felt good. I was gonna just c/d and get out but then I saw another group of faster swimmers who were about to start a 1000... It didn't take much prodding on their part to get me to join in...  Who am I kidding I begged to join them... I wasn't sure if I would be able to hang but what the heck I'll give it a go... and what do you know? Turns out it was an excellent opportunity to hone my drafting skills, and in the second 500 I really had to dig... like dig til the point where my feet went numb b/c my body decided no blood was actually needed there... It was easily the hardest I have worked this year in the water... and that feeling... the one of OMG this is so hard keep going stop thinking keep going stop thinking I can't feel my feet... (Hey Kerrie- you know that feeling, right? It's awesome, isn't it?) Feeling that feeling again this morning was like welcoming back an old friend.

In good news, I did not sit on my bike seat yesterday or today (coach gave me an optional bike ride for recovery today and I was like ya right, I am not sitting on that seat one minute longer than necessary this week) and it seems my saddle sores are healed. Yay! I know you are all very relieved to hear that. It comes just in time for me to create some new ones this weekend.


Mary IronMatron said...

It could be worse... (re saddle sores)... I road really long last week and woke up the next day with.... a yeast infection! Oh... so FUN! Haven't had one in years, and boy oh boy do they suck.

Shevaun said...

I think saddle sores are just part of long course racing. Tried 3 different saddle and various saddle position over the last three years, with no solution. Glad your training is going well.

kerrie said...

yeah, i totally know what you mean ;).....however did i miss this?