Thursday, April 14, 2011

Like A Spring Chicken

TWO blog posts today? Clearly I'm all rested up and have a bunch of excess energy.  I feel like a spring chicken*.

~Let me start by bragging about my daughter. Scott just sat down with Moana and they were drawing with crayons. He drew a triangle and asked her how many sides. She counted 3 and then said triangle. Then he drew a hexagon and he asked her how many sides. She counted to 6 and then said hexagon. Scott's jaw dropped open. My jaw dropped open. OMG. Should she know that right now? She's not even 2 1/2. I think I used to teach 6th graders that didn't know that. Maybe that head bump last night did her some good.

~Coach took me seriously when I said I was resilient and wrote in another run for this afternoon. (Cue: end of rest week.) So I put the baby jogger in the back of my car and drove Moana down to Kailua this afternoon and we ran the Lanikai loop. She was pumped. It was a gorgeous perfect day and by far the hottest run I've had this year. Felt like summer down there this afternoon. And when those southwest winds blow the normally choppy ocean over there on the east side becomes more like a placid lake full of warm water... very inviting. Moana spent a good bit of time burying my feet in the sand post run as the sun was going down... She wanted to play in the water but I didn't bring a bathing suit for her so I just stripped her down and she went running buck naked right into the ocean...  as if to say FREE FREE! I AM FREE AT LAST!!!

~Then she started to squat down in the sand.... as if she needed to go to the bathroom... I was ok with her going shi shi in the sand, but I wasn't so interested in allowing her to poop there and it really could have gone either way... and when I asked her which one she needed to do she replied poo poo. Uh oh. I actually put her diaper back on to let her do it in there. She squatted, but apparently had stage fright b/c it didn't actually happen until we got home. Phew. It's cute though- when I ask her if she went poo poo her reply now is No I don't did. Lol. Maybe she's not so smart after all. I should quit bragging.

~It was actually hard to get Moana away from the beach. She was rolling around in the sand like a pig in shit- she covered herself in it from head to toe and all the hard to reach places in between. I just let her do it because really, what's better than ending the day by making sand angels?

*My status as Baby Chick Catcher Extraordinaire is unharmed. Caught another one yesterday. Moana yelped and squealed and was stoked to pet it. Don't worry- we gave it back to it's Mama (she truly hates me now) who squawked and hollered the whole time we were petting her baby. And yes, then we came inside and washed our hands. Don't worry.


mtanner said...

I love her! Sand angels- love it.

Molly said...

You are so funny! Glad you both got to have some fun.

Angela and David said...

Love the sand picture. Wish Zach could run around in his diaper outside like that! And of course she's smart, her momma is one smart lady.

Kiet said...

I love how you have to qualify the chicken petting with hand washing so that the child protective services or judgmental bloggers won't come after you. Very smart when you're blogging.