Sunday, April 10, 2011

Notes From The Weekend...

 Moana is currently obsessed with wanting me to catch baby chicks. The Mama hens outside seem to be able to smell me coming and now they start running immediately. But see how this mama and her chick are starting to go in opposite directions? THAT is how a baby chick gets caught.
Beyond catching baby chicks, Moana now wants me to catch everything. Including airplanes. (Mamas can do anything, right? Right.) The other day she said, "Mama catch an airplane!" When I asked her how I would catch an airplane she said, "How about use a fishing pole?" Gotta love 2 year olds. 

So this morning Nalani and I took Moana to the Marine Corp base to catch an airplane. She was all stoked when we were driving over there (repeating I gonna catch and airplane!!) but as soon as she saw this thing she changed her mind immediately. She clung on to me for dear life and declared she was scared. I didn't blame her. These planes did look rather intimidating. Maybe the problem was that I did not, in fact, bring a fishing pole?
 Saturday morning I got up before the sun to get going on my ride... but as I went to walk down the steps I saw this...
Yep. That is my daughter, sound asleep on the stairs. And, um, what does it say about me that I grabbed my phone to take a picture of her there before picking her up and carrying her back to bed? Mom.Of.TheYear right here.

So when I was putting her to bed last night I asked her about why she got up to go downstairs in the middle of the night... she didn't have much of an answer for me so I prompted her...

Were you looking for something? 
Yeah, I was looking for something.
What were you looking for?
Um... grasshoppers!

I doubted that was actually it, but given that Elmo was just on a grasshopper hunt on Sesame Street last week, who knows. It could have been true. I told her that she needed to stay in bed when it was dark outside but then at ~4:00 this morning I heard a little pitter patter of 2yo feet walking around so I got up to check it out. Sure enough, there she was, on the stairs... reading a book! Apparently when she wakes up she likes to read and the only light is the one on the stairs so she goes there so she can see. I prompted her to get back in bed, which she did, but she did not go back to sleep. So it was another early morning here in the Simmons household. Seems 4AM is the new 6AM for Moana.

But sort of cute that she is such a bookworm, eh?

Last night we took Moana to a UH baseball game. It appears that she is interested in watching the game in this picture, but that lasted about 30 seconds. Then she was just a complete nutcase running around and climbing all over the chairs and everyone's laps. She did have a blast though. And then was out like a light within a minute of us starting the drive home. Guess that's what happens when you've been up since 4AM.

Nalani and I had fun too. There's nothing like a couple of these as recovery drinks after a long brick. In good news, beer the night before does not in fact have an adverse affect on your Sunday long run. Excellent news, I know.


Molly said...

I'm starting to enjoy one good beer as a recovery drink :) Love that Moana is becoming such a bookworm that she has to read at 4am!

Beth said...

Moana is the cutest ever!! I like her logic too - seems as if a fishing pole is totally capable of reeling in an airplane! :)

Angela and David said...

Zach loves reading in the middle of the night as well. He can see from the light on his alarm clock and I love standing outside his door listening to his little voice. Thank goodness we don't have chickens running around here. I can't imagine trying to catch chickens in my "walk only" state.

elizabeth said...

Moana continues to be absolutely adorable! Looks like you and Scott have such a blast with her. :) GREAT work on the training front Michelle - can't wait to see you kick ass this year!

DR said...

Michelle, she is so adorable! I can't believe she was able to sleep on the stairs!

I think taking pictures in those instances like these are good -- years down the road, maybe even when she is a mum you can remind her of these moments. Who would believe you otherwise?

Also, I love your profile pic, your are in such great shape, a real inspiration!

Regina said...

Hmmmm...I don't know who gets mother of the year. You for taking a photo of your daughter asleep on the stairs or me, sneaking out in the morning before my son gets up so i don't have to make him breakfast (leave it for dad).