Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Moana Chronicles, April 2011

Training is too ridiculous to talk about right now so I'll talk about Moana instead.

Tomorrow she'll officially be 2 1/2. Time flies. Indeed. I'm trying to remember my life without her. I cannot.

She's super fun to hang out with right now. I still don't understand the term "terrible two's". Ok, I take that back. When 2 year olds consume a lot of chocolate and candy, say, for breakfast, they can be a handful. Easter was tough around here.

Today Moana ate bananas and broccoli and sweet potatoes and eggplant for dinner. Bath time was a joy and we giggled while we read books before bedtime. That is the best time of day.

In the mornings she is still waking up (very) early. Yet somehow she instinctively knows that we are still sleeping so she chills out and plays by herself in her room. The other morning I woke up to the sound of her strumming her ukulele in bed. That was way better than an alarm clock.

Playing in her room has actually become one of her favorite ways to spend time. Though now she wants me to go downstairs and she wants her door closed. That means she wants to do something she knows she's not allowed to do. She's cute, but she's sneaky.

She used to say "I have an idea!" Then... nothing... no idea. Tonight while she was in the bath she said, "I have an idea!" I said, "What is your idea?" Her reply, "Let's go to the ZOO!" It took a while but eventually I convinced her that all the animals were sleeping. She thought a good idea would be to wake them up. Fair enough.

My mom sent a box of Easter goodies for Moana. We didn't get it until today but that was fine- maybe even better because she got enough stuff on Sunday. Opening the package was super fun for her this afternoon. She especially loved the little bottles of nail polish. She was insistent on taking them upstairs to her room and closing her door. Ya. Right.

We are no closer to being done with diapers. Every once in a while she'll agree to big girl underpants and peeing on the potty, but then she'll change her mind and insist on putting her diaper back on. Sigh.


The Chapples said...

We're no closer to potty training either. He hasn't peed on the potty in weeks. I finally just put the thing back in the closet and we'll revisit it another time. He was starting to panic every time I mentioned the potty so I figured it was time to back off. They'll get it! They're smart cookies...

Lisa@The Daily RUNdown said...

So sweet, my son is 3, I love their sweet personalities and how they say whatever is on their mind. Time does fly, o find myself wishing each stage could last longer.

Regina said...

I long for the 2s right now. Five is a living hell at the moment. Thank God spring break is over, I'm at the end of my rope!

They ARE funny though with their 'ideas'. And I know all about the closed bedroom door and prolonged silence. It always equals trouble.

Kay Roberts said...

I LOVE reading the Moana Chronicles! Sorry the box was late in arriving. ?? How did she like the princess nightgown? Can't wait to see you all in June!

Kim said...

That reminds me of that movie with Jeremy McGuire where the little boy tells him that "Let's go to the zoo" and Tom Cruise says "the zoo's closed Ray" :) Love the post! Training is ridiculous.. yep.. same here! Hope you're well! Hang in there!

N.D. said...

This is an adorable post! I love that she has a mind of her own and has her own ideas. So cute. This whole potty thing is really fun, right?