Saturday, August 28, 2010


When you become a parent, suddenly you get all excited about little things you never would have thought you'd care about at all.

She sat up by herself!

She rolled over!

She laughed!

She said 'mama'!

And they're really, truly, a big deal. To you. Nobody else really cares. That said, if you're not my mom, you probably won't care about this post so feel free to skip it.

It's amazing to me how much Moana matures every day. I took her to the beach this afternoon and the tide was coming in and the waves were a bit bigger than normal. Not like scary big- it's still a very kid friendly beach- but it wasn't like a lake like it normally is. Anyway, Moana was in heaven! She was getting pummeled by these little white water waves washing over her face and came up laughing every time. Then she went and rolled herself in the sand until she was a complete sand monster and we had to go rinse her off again. Anyway...

Tonight after dinner I actually gave her a choice... bath or shower? Most nights we give her a bath but sometimes if I have to take a shower too I just bring her in with me. Tonight was the first time I actually asked her to make a decision. She chose shower. Fine.

Afterward I was drying her off and she started patting the toilet and said "potty".

At this point I should go back and say that I have not pushed the potty training thing with her at all yet. She does have a couple of potty training books that she likes because you can push the buttons and make the flushing sound, and Elmo is there wearing big kid underpants and saying "Hooray!" which is now one of Moana's favorite words. (You should see her- so freakin' cute when she throws her hands in the air and yelps, "hooray!") Anyway, that's as far as we've gotten with the potty training. She's not even two and I'm not in a huge rush at all.

Back to tonight... so she said 'potty' and I wasn't sure if she was just telling me that she knows the toilet is called the potty, or if she actually wanted/needed to go and was willing to do it on the big porcelain perch. Because sometimes she says "banana" while pointing to a banana... so I would peel the banana because I assumed her naming it meant that she wanted to eat it, when in fact she was just naming it.

So I asked her, "Moana, do you want to use the potty?" And she responded, "Yeah. Ok." which is her most recent way of saying yes.

So I sat her on the potty- the big one- because I haven't even bought a little kid friendly seat for her yet and she just hung out there for a few minutes doing nothing. She wasn't unhappy on the potty so I just let her sit there... but then I was unsure of what to do next? (I have not read any books on potty training yet b/c like I said, I'm not quite ready.) Anyway, guess who went poo poo in the potty??? I was so surprised. And honestly, I think Moana was too because she looked down at it as it was coming out of her and started to cry. She said, "scary!"

Another one of Moana's new words is scary. All of a sudden she is afraid of the vacuum cleaner. And she's pretty much afraid of anything that moves by itself, like a remote control car or an oscillating fan.

So I guess it makes sense that she would be afraid of her poop. It does sort of move by itself, doesn't it? She saw it coming out of her tonight, and I guess when you poop in a diaper you don't really know what it coming out of you... I mean, it's not like I've ever had her look at her stinky diapers...

This might be TMI. Sorry.

Moving on. I was like a proud peacock after she did that! I showed her how to flush the toilet which I think she thought was cool. Then the best part was that after she was all cleaned up and diaper on, she went to her Elmo potty book and pushed the hooray button so Elmo said "HOORAY!" and then she came back and said, "wash hands"... because the book says that you always wash your hands after you use the potty... She's a smart one, my little daughter!

Anyway, the thing that struck me most was how incredibly proud of her I was. Can you even imagine what I'll be like at her first swim meet? Or when she stands up on a surf board for the first time? Or rides a bike without training wheels? Oh my. These are the moments when you're just so so so glad you are a parent. :)


Nitsirk said...

That's fantastic! We were just thinking about starting with Jack. I have been reading that there isn't any reason to start around a year. Sounds like it might go pretty smoothly for you.

cherelli said...

Oh that is a cool story. Sounds like that Elmo potty training book may have something to it after all :)

Regina said...

I loved this post! Even though we are past the potty training phase (Rhys pooped before he peed in the potty too), there are still tons of milestone, they are just farther apart.

Sometimes it is stunning the things they say, the connections they make, the info they have and you are thinking, "where the heck did you learn that?!" (usually it's Nick Jr. ha!).

Like you, I didn't pressure the potty training. I ask him if he wanted a potty and let him pick it out and then let him use it whenever he felt. Underwear was kind of the same way. When they are ready, they let you know and then it is effortless.

congrats proud mama!

Angela and David said...

It's a big weekend for toilets! Zach peed in the toilet for the first time on Friday. We are also not pushing it with zach. I'm kind of hoping he just figures it out on his own. Moan has such a great little personality. Can't wait for them to meet!

Laura said...

Hooray! I completely understand what you are saying....I mean did you EVER think that you would be so happy about somebody going potty! It is exciting when you stop and think about all those milestones isn't it....I tend to think to much about the everyday things...and sometimes the hassles...but really when I take a step back, it is so incredible to be part of a little life like we are as Mums.

Lizzie said...

Hooray! :) This is just the cutest story - even with the poop!

N.D. said...

oh my goodness! Nick isn't anywhere close to potty training. WE flush his poop in the toilet and say bye bye to it but I don't think he's there at all. This was a cute post! :) I feel the same.

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Hooray for Moana! That is just awesome! I have two boys, so I know all about potty training and that was huge for her! Yay, yay, yay! :)

Alicia Parr said...

Poopy in the potty!!! So impressive! :)

I didn't expect Remy to take interest in the potty this early either, but I guess sometimes they get it earlier than we expect. I'm of the mindset that, heck, it the child is interested, let's see if we can make progress.

Katie A. said...

Just getting caught up on all the Moana stories! Love it! Her boyfriend Zach made it to the potty, too! LOL!
Glad you're feeling better!

Billie said...

Way to go Moana! We've been "potty training" for a few months now. He gets the pee but is freaked out the number two in the toilet so we're back to diapers for that. I'm afraid he really wasn't ready and I over encouraged him.

But yes, I get the being proud over the "smallest" of milestones. I sometimes wonder if my family thinks I'm nuts because I call when jackson does the littlest of things, but seem huge to me :-)

It's more than ok to be one proud mama!

Ange said...

ok...crack me up.It's too cute and really funny that she said that and now I'm realizing it sounds Mean of me that it's funny she said "scary!" I am sorry!!! :) I have been there x 3 and it is a HUGE deal!!! All of those things are huge! And, you are right, these milestones keep happening and it gets a tad overwhelming at times. :) It's fun to be Mom though.. Happy for you guys! (sorry again, to be

Angela said...

that is a great accomplishment. I make a huge deal about stuff like that...jumping up, doing dances, singing...lots of stuff. Congratulations Mama! What a big girl you have.

DC Running Mama said...

Yeah!! Nathan just did this a couple of days ago. Seems he may have been a one-it wonder and hasn't done it again. Go Moana! Next stop, dressing herself!