Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bearing Fruit

Finishing up Day 6 over here of Deep Hacking Cough and Solid Yellow Phlegm. I've given up all hope that I will wake up tomorrow and feel 100%. This virus is like a sticky booger... hanging on for dear life. I do feel a little bit better with each passing day, but the improvement is so very gradual that the best I can hope for is just that- to feel a bit better. At some point I'll be back to 100% but it may not be before the weekend.

Scott is in the same boat. His is actually a little worse than mine, and therefore the sound of Deep Hacking Cough is pervasive throughout the house.

I'm disappointed to be missing out on the last of my planned key training sessions last week and now again this week... with 2 big (in my mind anyway) races coming up in the next few weeks the timing of this isn't great, but what can I do? Every time I get sick like this I just think about how glad I am that I am not a professional at triathlon*, trying to make a living based upon being 100% healthy all the time. Because sometimes you just get sick. And, well, if I was depending on a race performance to earn money to pay the mortgage or something, well, that would just make this virus even tougher to deal with.

Enough of that. Guess what? My coaching business is bearing fruit. Literally! Check out the awesome bonus payments I got from a couple of my athletes... Straight from Nalani's tree... these apple bananas need a few more days to ripen, but once they do... yum yum!

And Mark has a tree in his yard that apparently spits out hundreds of perfect lilikois every August... he gave me like 15 of them yesterday.
Cut one of these babies open and you get this... an awesome combination of sweet and tart that is just plain old mouth watering. I mixed this up with yogurt and a bit of granola for breakfast this morning... YUM YUM!

*NOT that I think I could or should be a pro... oh my. NO. Just making the point that pros have it so tough when they have to depend on something so fleeting (like being physically healthy) to make a living when sometimes that is just flat out not within our control, you know?


Beth said...

Hope you get back to 100% soon Michelle! That's just no fun but I'm sure you will come around. And I couldn't agree more about being a pro - imagine being injured for months or something like that...as if that isn't bad enough when your income doesn't depend on it!

Lizzie said...

Sorry to hear you're still sick -that's the worst!! The timing sucks (is there ever a good time?), but at least it's not race day! They look like passionfruit - yum!

Katie A. said...

Oh, I think you should be pro - but unfortunately I don't have the dough to sponsor you! Ha!
Feel better! Those bananas will definitely help!!

Kim said...

ugh here's to hoping your phlegm clears up ASAP. icky icky! and yum yum on those fruits - i haven't heard of either one, but they look delicious! enjoy!

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

I hope you feel better soon! Wow..that fruit looks amazing! I've never had the little round fruit, but I'm sure they taste fabulous!

cherelli said...

Yikes, still sick, bummer. But glad the coaching is literally bearing fruit :)

Teresa said...

Those fruits look amazing! Clear up those sinuses so you can taste them! Fingers crossed you are better soon! Tn

Regina said...

I'm sorry you are still feeling so sick. I'm thinking that fruit should help!! Man, what I wouldn't give to have fresh produce like that!