Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Brett Special

I should probably start by apologizing to those of you who were hoping to read more about my personal life on this blog... Going forward, if you want to know all the ins and outs and drama going on in my world then you'd best come here and go for an early morning run with me... Because that's where I'm most likely to be when I'm spilling it. Poor Nalani. I should really stop charging her for coaching if she's going to double as my psychotherapist.

Don't worry though, all you haters will still find plenty to judge as I will continue to talk about my training here on the blog so you can go on believing that I am neglecting all the important people in my life since I find time to train while they sleep.

On to today's topic!

So a couple weeks ago Brett put in a request to do 30 x 100's as a main swim set. I looked at our calendar and decided today would be a good day to do that. I created the workout in Training Peaks and named it The Brett Special. Isn't that nice?? But 30 x 100's is pretty boring unless you mix it up a bit, so I changed it up by making every 6th one blast fast. Gave us something to think about. So essentially the set went like this:

5 x 100's holding T pace on an interval that was pretty much T+10. My goal here was to hold the fastest pace I can hold when I'm doing a timed all out 1000M. With about 10 seconds rest between each 100 this was doable. Then the 6th one was as fast as we could go, on an interval that was 10 seconds faster than the cruise interval we were normally doing. Then straight back into the tempo 100's... So for example, if you can hold 1:30's for 1000M straight, then you would swim
5 x (5 x 100's @ 1:40, hold 1:30, then 1 x 100 @ 1:30, hold 1:25) with no extra rest between sets.

Let's be honest. I did not think I could make this set. I mean, the first 12, ok. I can do that. Maybe even 18. But 30? I don't know. I knew that Brett and Mark would be fine. I figured Nalani probably would if she was having a decent day. But me? Well, when I'm 2000M into a threshold set, popping off sprint 100's with little/no rest is not exactly the easiest thing in the world to do. But I figured I'd give it a shot and see what happened. But first, the funniest part of the day...

There is not a pace clock at our pool. Never has been. Nalani and I wear watches and go by them at the wall. But Brett and Mark don't wear watches (why don't men wear watches? Scott doesn't either. Go figure.) Anyway, Brett and Mark came up with the brilliant idea of getting a small pace clock to bring to our workouts. Apparently buying a real pace clock is expensive so Brett made one himself and showed up with it this morning. Perfect, no?

So just as we were getting in the water, one of the lifeguards came up to us and told us that we were not allowed to have any timing devices on the pool deck. I laughed. Really hard. I swear I thought Cliff was joking. Is it April Fools? That's a good one.

But he wasn't joking. Seriously. That really is another rule at our pool. No timing devices on deck. If I didn't know better I'd swear that the rule really is, "You may not employ any devices that might possibly make you a better/faster swimmer." Last week it was no coaching on deck. This week, no pace clocks. I laughed through the whole first half of our warm up because it just seems so typical of how they run this pool. We were given no explanation. Brett told us to shut up about it because he is envisioning all of us being kicked out of the pool altogether for creating too many waves since we swim fast as a group a lot. And honestly, I would not be surprised if one of these days they tell us that there's a rule stating that swimmers may not swim together in a workout type situation... That seems logically like it would be next, doesn't it?

Anyway, back to our set today. Suffice to say, I made it! And I was extremely pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it was. Sometimes holding T-pace is a pretty big challenge. But not today. And the blast fast ones? I was actually getting 4-5 seconds rest, even at the end, which was also a very pleasant surprise. I would have guessed that I would just barely be making those fast ones, if at all, which would then mean the first of the next set of 5 tempo 100's would be hard because I'd be behind on the interval to start with... but that wasn't actually the case today. So that was cool. Based on that set, I would venture a guess that if I did a 1000M time trial right now it would be faster than it was last time I did one. Which is a good sign that the training is working! Nice.

I just hope that next week they don't tell us that we are not allowed to wear watches while swimming in this pool.


DR said...

that does sound crazy Michelle! what is this world coming too! i mean really. it's like the airlines, just when you think they can't possibly come up with worse service or rules, they DO!

i read your last blog, started to write a comment and then deleted it because it wasn't very insightful...but i agree with what everyone said. and yes, who does what in the household is what i fight about the most with my sigo.

i've gone back to work now and so we treat things more equally, but i have to say that i still do most of the worrying and organizing of our child's life. self-imposed, maybe, but also necessary.
and i don't know why, but being at work is way less exhausting than entertaining a toddler and multi-tasking all the other duties. and that was my full time job, i never worked and did all the other stuff you did part time.

cheryl said...

that's an awesome job on that set - nice job!

pool rules are so stupid

Beth said...

Perhaps the next rule is - no bathing suits!! ;)

That is a tough set!! I was laughing because guess what I did yesterday - 30x100! ;) But it wasn't nearly as fun as yours, they were all just on the same interval. Great job for getting it done and doing so well!

Molly said...

I'm really really late to comment on your last couple posts, but it's the same situation around here. We BOTH work from home and it's even worse because somehow there is an expectation that I will do things even though I'm swamped with working and training and - you know - life stuff! I still really need to try this housecleaner thing...but the last time I had someone come in she freaked about the dirt (dogs, you know). *sigh*

Lizzie said...

I hope this doesn't mean no more Moana updates!! :)

I don't understand a lot of the technical aspects of your swimming training, but I'm now at my gym pool 3 mornings a week at 5.30am - so I'm blaming you :)

Rebecca DeWire said...

The rules at your pool are funny. And nice job on that set, wow!

My husband once got a really nasty comment left by an anonymous person on his blog. It really, really bothered me and in the end we just figured that there are people out there who are jealous and take joy in hiding behind their anonymity and being pointlessly mean.

The negative comments on your blog were pretty stupid since you were ranting about the division of labor in your household. I guarantee that you would still be ranting regardless of whether or not you trained. Just because you are female doesn't mean you are in charge of cleaning and cooking by default. Every couple who lives together has challenges with household chores and who should do what. Perhaps you should outsource more with a cleaning service, grocery delivery, dog walker, etc? No one enjoys doing chores so if you can afford it, outsource it!

cherelli said...

Nice work on the Brett set. Suprised if there are no timing devices allowed at the pool they don't confiscate watches??? I liked Brett's pace-clock solution though :)

Tim Kasparek said...

absolutely lovin these first two paragraphs! and blah blah blah, you had a good swim workout and you are ridiculously fast. way to put it out there michelle, much respect!

Katie A. said...

I'm sad for you! I feel bad you felt you had to take down your previous posts because a few people couldn't understand it YOUR blog, YOUR life and YOUR situation without judgement. You are GOOD mamma, a GREAT athelete and an AWESOME wife and caretaker. Please don't let a few peeps ruin it for us. Our blogs are a place to share our training AND our lives, it's why I keep coming back. Your honesty is much like mine - I really do appreciate it. I also hope we don't get jipped on the Moana updates :)

Anywhoo...NICE JOB on the swim sets! I can't believe they don't allow timing devices! Is there another pool accessible for you all? Seems like a lot of hoops and silly rules to put up with.
Have a great Thursday - I know it's one of your more busy days ;)

Renee said...

Just try to remember that there are people out there that are just miserable and hateful and want to spread their venom.
How dare you try to get faster by timing yourself! Silly triathlete!

Regina said...

I think your pool employees graduated from the same university of pool etiquette as ours. They are like pool Nazis here, the rules are ridiculous! Soon, no swimming!

Women wear watches because we need to know how much time we have left to get all the stuff done we need to get done in a don't because.....well you get it.

Ok, before anyone tries to take my eyes out with a fork, that was total sarcasm aimed at Mr. Anonymous. I read the posts, but didn't see the comments. It is easy to cast stones hiding behind anonymity; it's the cowards way out.

Unfortunately, I think this generation of women were sold a bill of goods. The idea that we can have it all. Oh, we can, but there is a price to pay. When I had my kid I knew I would be doing the bulk of the work, but you are still never prepared for what that means when you add work, housework and God forbid, a 'hobby' that helps to keep you fit and sane so you can do everything else with a smile on your face (ok, sometimes not).

Kim said...

woohooo michelle, way to knock the crap out of that swim set.

and wtf is up with your pool? crazy crazy!

Catching up with Jessica said...

that's hilarious! I can't believe they really have all those rules! Nice work; I love swim workouts with buddies-helps it go by much faster literally and figuratively!