Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mama Stay!

So a couple weeks ago (for my birthday!) one of my athletes, Jennifer*, sent me a super cute book for Moana... My First Yoga**. It's got a bunch of animal poses that toddlers find fun to do***. At first Moana was uncertain about these animal poses, but now she asks to do them day and night. I'm not really much of a yoga person myself (though maybe I should be- it might mellow me out- in a good way) but it's too cute to resist doing this with Moana so it's become part of our routine.

This morning Moana woke up and right away was saying, "Mama I be mango!" I had no idea what she was talking about. The she started standing on one leg (it is hard for her to balance but she tries) and clarified... "Animal poses, Mama. Animal poses. I be mango!" Ah ha. I finally got it. She was doing the Flamingo.

The flamingo appears to be her favorite, but the butterfly is a close second. The other morning before Scott went to work she insisted he sit down and be a butterfly. "Daddy come sit down! Daddy be butterfly!" Little kids are good reminders of what's important, even when we are rushing around trying to get out the door to get to work.

She does a pretty mean downward dog when she wants to...

And her giraffe impression is WAY better than mine.

The last page of the book shows Namaste. I triy to model for Moana... sitting cross legged with hands on prayer and saying "Namaste". Moana repeats it back with a smile. "Mama Stay!"

*It's Jennifer's birthday tomorrow (Friday) so go wish her a happy birthday... and wish her good luck on those 42x50's in the pool.

**There's an ap for that!

**I suspect this book was actually a tongue in cheek way for Jennifer to help me refine my own animal pose technique, since clearly I need help in this department.


Regina said...

Adorable! Rhys's school did yoga with the kids, it's so cute to see them do the poses. I think she makes an excellent. 'mango'!

Rebecca DeWire said...

That book looks great. I think I will get it for Elena, she would love it. We were practicing downward facing dog just yesterday.

Kim said...

how adorable!! she can probably hold a plank longer than i can :)

Angela and David said...

Oh! I want that book. Zach does a mean downward dog but I don't think he knows the other positions.

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! She does do a mean downward dog. And yes, now she can coach you on your poses :-)

Alicia Parr said...

Ha! I love it! Sounds like Moana does too. When Remy does spontaneous poses that look yoga-like, we tell him he's doing "yoga's". Now, he volunteers, "Remy do yogas!" Toddlers are so darned cute.

Very sorry to read your next post about your calf. Hope it's nothing serious.