Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh Brah, You Hard Core!

This was the view from my TRX class tonight. Not bad, eh? OK I admit it- I did not take this picture- I stole it online somewhere- but it looked just like this as I was running backwards up that hill. I swear. Cruise boat and all.

I should back up. I think I mentioned before that I got a new TRX system to use here at home. I've been using it. And I love it.  Santa brought me a new workout DVD for Christmas and I did the 40 minute workout on Christmas day and was sore for about 72 hours afterward. Sweet. But I figured it would be a good idea to go to see someone who actually knew what she was doing with TRX before I hurt myself experimenting with moves I really have no business doing.

Gotta love Google. I found a gal who puts on a TRX Boot Camp type class at Kakaako Park several times a week. I emailed her and asked to reserve me a spot for tonight.

It's been about 20 years since I've taken a group fitness class of any kind so I was a bit nervous about what to expect, and even though I've lived here six years now, I wasn't even quite sure how to get to Kakaako Park. (Saved by Google once again). I showed up a little early and saw a Japanese couple who were about to get married, several homeless people with shopping carts and tents, a very skinny dog and a couple of fat cats. Gotta love beach parks in Hawaii. Finally I spotted couple of gals who looked like they were ready for a workout. I followed them.

I was greeted warmly by a couple of gals who were clearly regulars at this class. It didn't take long for Eden to get us split into groups and set to work. Essentially it was a circuit workout that alternated TRX exercises with other circuit training stuff that involved a medicine ball and kettlebells and jump ropes. Eden demonstrated each exercise and I did my best to pay attention but admit that I had to ask for clarification several times after we got started. Everybody was really nice and helpful and when I didn't know what to do they helped me.

At one point I was doing some crazy move on the TRX that involved me leaning forward and holding the TRX above my head and supporting my full body weight with my core. I might have been shaking a bit and can only imagine the look on my face while I was trying to stabilize myself. Sweat was just dripping right off the end of my nose. The drunk/crazy homeless guy under the tent was watching and calling out to me, "Oh brah... you hard core!" I tried really hard not to laugh or give him any attention, but this cracked me up.

In the middle of the class we stopped the circuit to do some hill repeats. I was running backwards up a short steep grassy hill while watching the Japanese couple tie the knot just as the huge orange sun sank itself into the ocean. Kind of surreal. After an hour or so I was feeling all wobbly and all jumped out. We were finally done. Get me a towel. I was soaked.

I don't know how often I'm going to be able to make it back to this class... evenings away from my family are hard and I try to minimize them. I need a morning class on the Windward side! BUT, if you live in town and are looking for a great workout to do in the evenings, email Eden. She's super cool and will get you hooked up. Then you can have homeless guys admiring your hard core too.


Lizzie said...

Your homeless guys story made me laugh, When I run downtown, occasionally there are some guys that will clap and shout encouraging words when you run past. Funny, but also motivating in a way :) That TRX class sounds amazing!

Running and living said...

So cool, Michelle! I love watching TRX videos. As for actually doing it, maybe next year. For now, I am super excited about my swimming stretch cords:)

Jennifer Harrison said...

Yeah! I am so glad you like the TRX is my favorite too! And, that funny, I woke up this morning again to no sun (usually not a big deal but I have a sinus inf.) and I said, "I just want a little sun one day again." And, here is your pic! lovely!

cherelli said...

Oh wow, that is a beautiful photo...those TRX workouts look good. We bought one for our work - some of the exercises demonstrated so easily on the DVD are hard!! Glad you enoyed the group class - and got acknowledged by the homeless dude for your efforts - maybe you should challenge him to try it??? :)

Molly said...

LOL! If you were shaking, you were probably doing it right. That's what I've learned from doing TRX :-)

Teresa said...

You are going to be so strong! Go Trx!

Aimee said...

Great post! I have been looking into the TRX system too. I found this place in town that does TRX workouts. They even offer a free "getting to know the TRX" class. I think I'm going to check it out next week. like the TRX?? Do you think it's worth the money?? Do you like it better then regular strength training??

Kiet said...

Sounds like you were doing a bit of Crossfit in there as well, like that! Crossfit-TRX hybrid class, it's the new black!

FitWizHawaii said... guys don't me to motivate or even be there to teach...leaving it to the homeless guys next time, lol.

Glad you liked the class. Try to make the beach version if you can, its way worse in a fantastic way.