Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Moana Chronicles, Dec 2010

I don't know what people are talking about when they say "Terrible Two's"? I love Moana being two. She's the cutest darn thing I've ever seen and she's actually just a ton of fun to hang out with- more and more every day, even as she gets more opinionated.

Scott has been working late and early this past week which means I've had more 'On-Duty' time than normal. I can see how if you were a single parent it would be easy to just center your life around your kid and really become partners in crime. (I mean that in the best possible way.) It's like, somehow when I know I don't have to come home and cook dinner for my husband we go out and play around after daycare and totally get out of our home-routine...

Take last night, for example. I picked her up at 4:00 and we went shopping at Target. (See what I mean? We totally LIVE.IT.UP around here) Moana hung out in the cart and helped me pick out toys for her cousins and her day-care Auntie and a couple little friends... So cute that I can ask her, "Which one?" and she goes, "Mmmmmm, this one!" And I'm such a sucker- I don't shop a lot but when I do I really do so the whole time I was sneaking little gifts for her into our cart when she wasn't looking. At two, she's still quite easy to fool. And I have a hard time not buying things for her.

She's also quite easy to entertain. You know what is the BEST for two year olds at bath time? Mr Bubble spray on soap! It comes in a can that looks like a whipped cream container but sprays on pink and thicker than shaving cream.

Last night when we got home and she was taking a bath I would ask her where she wanted me to spray the soap and she was like, "My elbow! My knee! My foot! My belly button!!" And the phrase of the night was "More soap please!" This stuff is the bomb. Tonight she walked herself right up the stairs before Sesame Street was even over and said "Bath time!" Yep. Spray on soap. Go get it.

So this morning Scott went to work early... usually it's me who gets up and goes early to train so she's used to her dad getting her up... I was in bed trying to sleep in but listening to her in her crib saying, "Daddy wake up! Daddy. WAKE UP!" Too funny. So I walked into her room and she was like, "Oh! It's mama! Mama get in crib?" Yes. She wanted me to get in her crib with her. So I did. It was hysterical. She's got pillow pets (a dog and now a new ladybug that she LOVES) and too many stuffed animals to count in there so it was a bit crowded. But she had a ball with me in there. She kept telling me to lay down "Mama LAY DOWN!" but I was like, "I don't fit in here sweetie..." Ha!

So eventually we got up and somehow she got a glimpse of the tail of her kitty cat costume from Halloween (the one she wouldn't wear out of the house to trick-or-treat)... it was up on a high shelf but she wanted it down... and then she wanted it ON. Ok. Whatever. I put it on her. And wouldn't you know it? She wore that thing ALL DAY. Ears and all.
Apparently she got some extra attention for being so cute at daycare today so I'm envisioning lots of costume wearing in the near future.

We're still working on the potty training too. She's actually in a good routine of sitting on the potty before her bath... she pees and poops like clockwork every night at 7:00. Nice, no? I just need to get her into the habit/routine of doing it in the morning and during the day too (which is up to me to take the time to let her do it). I'm thinking I'll finally focus on it for a few weeks over Christmas break. Daycare is closed for two weeks starting on Monday so she'll be home full time. My mom is coming out to visit (next week she'll be here!!) and I know she's super excited about spending time with Moana but I bet she didn't guess so much of it would be spent in the bathroom.


Regina said...

You know you just put the kibosh on all that good two's stuff by saying it out loud, right? You never say how easy something is OUT LOUD! ;)

That said, I wish I had the two's back. Each year gets more and more difficult with it's own set of challenges. I think the worst I've had to deal with is NOW. Nothing like peer influences in school....sigh.

How cute is that cat costume on her!

I wish I could poo like clockwork!

Mark said...

Oh my gosh! Mr. Bubble. I remember that stuff! They still make it?!!!

Is that stuff safe? I always felt like I was shedding my skin like a snake when I was done taking a bath with it. I also remember one time my mom accidentally putting way too much in the tub and it looked like a was bathing in a cloud for a half an hour.

Kim said...

i loveeeed mr bubble. moana has to be the cutest thing in the entire world.

Rebecca DeWire said...

Moana is so cute in the outfit! And we are definitely going to get that foam, that looks like fun.

About a month ago, my husband and I were saying that Elena being 2 has been pretty easy since she doesn't have tantrums. But the following week they started. I will say I have been warned that 3 yrs is "the terrible twos with words". That seems to be true for Elena, but her tantrums are about such ridiculous things that I just start laughing.

Angela and David said...

That Moana is one funny girl. And I can't believe she got you in the crib. You are soooo not the boss of her.

Aimee said...

She's so cute! I agree though, there were no terrible twos in my house....we do have terrible threes though! Wow!

Jeff Vanis said...

If she enjoys that soap, look out for the crayola tablets that you drop in the bath water to turn it colors. Think toilet bowl cleaner blue! My nephew loves these and even has learned that mixing blue and red makes purple etc. They are non staining kid and tub alike!

Lizzie said...

As much as I love reading (and getting inspired) by your training posts, I really look forward to the Moana posts. She's just the most adorable little girl!! Don't you just love how they know nothing, yet know everything :) Hope you found a sitter for the swim!

N.D. said...

soo soo cute!! We are just starting the potty stuff too - Nick does about the same with the bath but some nights refuses. He's started telling me potty potty potty! or poop! poop! poop! and he'll go on his potty seat (mid day or post nap) - it takes a LONG time though! : ) fun fun.