Friday, October 1, 2010

What Do I Even Call This Post?

One busy week leads into another busy week and before you know it it's Friday... and October!?! Oh my. I've got so much I could write about but am not going to invest the time so it's a bullet point kind of thing today...

~Some asshole stole my wallet out of my car last night. Ok. My fault for leaving my wallet in my car, but still. Parents- teach your kids not to steal. I know it's like I'm preaching to the choir telling you guys this, but apparently that lesson is not taught well here in Hawaii. There is actually a sign at our pool that says, "Do not leave valuables in the locker room. Items have been stolen in the past." My first reaction to that is to post another sign that says, "Hey! How about we don't steal each other's stuff???"

~I spent my whole morning canceling credit cards and debit cards and gathering paperwork to prove my identity so the DMV would issue me a new drivers license. Kind of in a rush to get that done since they won't let me on my flight to Kona on Sunday without it. The worst part? The thieves also stole my make up bag (ok yes, I leave that in my car too) so the new picture they took for my license is not nearly as flattering as my old one.

~The make-up they sell at Long's is crappy. Too bad I didn't have time to get to The Body Shop today to replace the good stuff I actually like.

~I doubt I'll be wearing much make up in Kona anyway. I don't have a car or any other means of transportation other than my feet. I think I'm going to be doing a lot of 'run commuting'. So if you see me there in Kona, I'll probably be nice and sweaty. Then again, you probably will be too. So it's all good.

~I'm going to get my USAT Coaching Certification next week. Phew. I'm sure all my athletes will be quite relieved. Lol. Though in all honesty, I'm really looking forward to the course. I eat up any and all info Triathlon so I'm sure I'll pick up some good stuff while I'm there.

~After several weeks of craptastic swimming, I finally had a good swim this morning. I haven't had much time to swim the last few weeks because work has taken up more mornings than usual... I've found that I must swim at least 3x/week in order to maintain my fitness. 4x/week if I want to get faster. Anyway, the combination of lack of swimming opportunities and a deltoid muscle that somehow got all locked up had me swimming horribly earlier this week. It was actually quite depressing. Not that it is important for me to be swimming fast right now, but the swim is my thang, you know? When I'm not swimming well the world is just not as bright. Anyway, I managed to get a massage yesterday and she unlocked my shoulder and TAH-DAH! Michelle can swim again. Phew.

~I sure hope Yasso is right about his 800's. If so, I can forget about that sucky 25K last weekend and I'm back on track to reach my marathon goal. I also think that since I ran a total of 4 miles at damn near my 5K race pace yesterday, I'd also like to race a 5K right now.

~I have a new method I'm working on to help eliminate my stress while Moana has one of her massive lay on the floor arch your back and scream as loud as you can tantrums... Ready for this? I pick her up, carry her to her room, and tell her to keep screaming as loudly as she wants. And when she's done, she's welcome to come back downstairs and join me in whatever I'm doing. Shockingly, this actually works! It was hysterical (to me) when she quietly came back downstairs the other day, all red eyed and splotchy faced... I asked her if she was ready to go outside and play now and she said, "Yeah, okay." Then she was back to her cute little self.

~I haven't worked out how I'm going to handle these tantrums when she starts doing them in public? It's probably less acceptable to just let your kid scream it out in the grocery store, though I might let her do that a few times in hopes that she comes to the realization that she never gets what she wants when she throws a major fit.

~Last night Moana was awake for a couple hours in the middle of the night, and I heard her calling from her crib, "Hey Scott!? Hey Scott?!" Too funny.

~How the heck is Scott going to handle everything next week when I'm gone for 7 straight days? Seriously. I am worried. I'm not worried about Moana's safety or well being, but I'm pretty sure she won't be wearing matching clothes, she won't have her hair washed and combed, and she won't get to bed on time. I guess in the big picture those are little things. But still. It really is best if her hair gets combed every day because those knots don't comb out themselves. I try to tell Scott these things, but he is a "confrontation avoider" and since Moana protests with all her heart and soul when she sees you even approaching her with a brush, well, he's a push over and just doesn't force the issue. Hence, she uses her sticky dirty hands to push hair out of her face and it just knots up even further. Enough of that. I'll just shave her head when I get home. Natural consequence, right?

~Ok, further updates will come from Kona next week via Facebook! Stay tuned.


Kay said...

"Hey Scott!" That is VERY funny!

Andrew Thomas said...

i think that is an AWESOME way to deal with a tantrum!

Beth said...

I hope everything works out okay with your walet Michelle - that just sucks!!! Oscar lost his walet once (wasn't even stolen) but the process of canceling and then reapplying for all those cards, etc... UGH!

Really looking forward to seeing you again in Kona! Hope you enjoy your USAT course and sell lots of coffee!!

Mary IronMatron said...

I love the Hey Scott! That is hilarious!
I do the same thing with tantrums. I think kids sometimes just NEED to get it out... and we are wrong to stop it. (Actually, dont' you think adults might be better off if they allowed themselves tantrums too? We need to get it out too sometimes!) Anyway, yes, just let it be and the child will come around...refreshed after a good cry. Also, if we pay attention to it we are reinforcing the behavior.
I just ignore my child when he/she starts to tantrum in public, too. People often give you sympathetic looks (and sometimes dirty looks!) but if you just move forward as if it's not happening--don't acknowledge it all--that is often the quickest route to getting the tantrum to end.
Moana will have a GREAT week with Scott. It will be different than it is with you... but it will be good.:)

DR said...

ok, that BITES about having stuff stolen. it's such a hassle and it can make someone feel so vulnerable -- even if it's just "material stuff."

my daughter had full on tanties from 19-21 months...and now she has like maybe one every month or so (she is 26 mo). I was so perplexed what to do and I also just put her in her room and closed the door. When she stops screaming or it's been a good 2 minutes I come back and she is ready to hug and get on with it. It really works! I once read that girls don't like it because they are so social. If you put a boy in a room he'll just start to play. Not to stereotype (as I know all kids are different). AND, I am fully aware that the REAL terrible twos may actually be when they turn three, so I don't want to sound like I am bragging here.

About knots in hair. Tell Scott (I TOTALLY GET THE DEAF DADDY...DRIVES ME NUTS TOO) to brush the hair in sections from the ends on up and hold some of the hair so she doesn't feel it. I used to have really long hair down to my butt when I was small and I would always be crying when my mom just tried to brush it as fast as possible from the scalp to bottom.

Katie A. said...

ROFL! So much good stuff here!

Glad you're swimming again! And WTH? Your car got broken into? I'm soo sorry! That's the pits - but glad no one was hurt!

I like your tantrum idea - my mom used the same thing. And I'm sure Scott will survive - daddy's have a way of making it all work! Have a blast in Kona!
Find me on FB - you can't miss my last name ;)

Angela said...

Ryan and Brayden occassionally pull out the "oh tim". I love it.

Tantrums in public. I let the boys kick on the floor and walked off...that worked a few times then it didn't and I had to just pick them up and leave...just depends on the day as to what works. Good for you for finding something that works with Moana, you wanna come over and work with my boys?

Kelly said...

Perfect way to deal with a even works on 7 year olds!! ;)

As far as next week, remember that dads parent differently than moms and that is a very good thing for kids. I bet everyone will learn a lot next week!

Charisa said...

That's awesome that the tantrum thing worked! Have fun in Kona!

Lizzie said...

Your reaction to the stealing warning at the pool is the same reaction I have to the one posted in bathrooms all over the place: "All employees must wash their hands." Nevermind all employees - how about everyone else do it too?? " :)

Sorry to hear about your wallet - I hate that feeling!

N.D. said...

love the tantrum idea!

Regina said...

First, I am sorry you had your wallet stolen, that really sucks! The make up? Well, I don't wear any so I'm not sure how devastating that must feel ;)

It seems they all go through that stage using parent's first names. Rhys did it too, "Hey, Tom!" or "Stop it, Tommy!" Hilarious.

I did the same thing with tantrums, still do. I make him go to his room and tell him he is welcome to come out when he decides he is done. He usually emerges with, "Ok, I'm done now." We haven't had many tantrums in public (knock wood), but if he does I threaten taking away something he loves (like his toy cars). I am a mean mommy who practices follow-through so he knows I will do it.

When I leave my son with my husband I am never sure who is in charge. Mint Milano cookies for breakfast? What do you mean he didn't feel like washing up so you didn't make him? you get it....I guess it won't kill him, but geez....who is the parent here? Moana will be fine is what it comes out to so enjoy your 7 days....sometimes 7 isn't long enough!