Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Two Year Old Totally Understands Trick-or-Treating

It all started on Thursday, which was the day they dressed up for Halloween at daycare. Moana actually got to dress up as a princess for a bit that day, which was just her style. I heard she wasn't so excited to take the pretty dress off.

She does look quite comfortable, no?

Then for two days I tried to teach her to say Trick or Treat. It was sort of anti-climactic for her to say it though because nothing would happen afterward other than me saying, "Good job."

Last night I showed her the kitty cat costume grammy bought for her and she was all about it. She wanted to wear it to bed. I managed to distract her and get her into her pajamas, but just barely.

So today when it was finally time to put it on for real, I got more excited than Moana did. YES! Let's go trick-or-treating! I have not been trick-or-treating since like the 8th grade, so I was pumped. Maybe a little too much so?

Moana let me put her costume on (ears and all!) and she even posed for a couple pictures. She repeated, "meoooooow" and it was just heart melting cute. We practiced saying "Trick-or-Treat!" a few more times too.

Just as she was putting her boots on to head out the door, all hell broke loose.



She was serious. Wailing at the top of her lungs. She was NOT going to wear this kitty cat costume out on public. No amount of negotiating was going to fix it either.

OK then. How about your dancing skirt? Wanna wear your dancing skirt?

This was much more comfortable for Moana because, well, she wears it every day. I did manage to get her little tiara on her head which made it look more like a costume rather than just every day 2 year old attire. It definitely was not as cute as the kitty cat.

So we headed down the street to Nalani's house which was our base for the evening. We were a bit early so we hung out there for a while letting Moana get used to the scene. She was afraid at first, clinging to her daddy, and would not say trick or treat at all... eventually though she loosened up and I took her across the street to house #1.

I carried her in my arms because she was 'scary'. (That's how she declares that she is afraid. "I scary!") But we approached the house, I showed her how to ring the doorbell, and a nice man came and put a piece of candy in her basket.

Hmmmm. That wasn't so bad, was it?

House #2. I carried her to the door, helped her push the doorbell, she asked to be put down, she quietly said, "Trick-or-Treat" and the nice woman put some gummy bears in her basket. It didn't hurt that a super friendly cute little dog came out to let Moana pet him as well. I opened the gummy bears to let her eat them...

...And that was the beginning of the end. After that she was running from house to house. Totally understood this concept! Walk up to the house and they give you candy? Um, okay! This is like the best night ever for kids!

Trick-or-Treating in Hawaii is awesome too. Everyone was hanging out in their driveways with big tables set up... all dressed up, decorated and happy... plenty of candy to go around. Some houses were handing out fully catered meals to the adults. It was super fun for everyone.

Now I just have to figure out what to do this this huge basket of sugar?


Alicia Parr said...

This is funny to read because Remy has no interest in or understanding of the "dressing up" concept. I had to trick Remy into his costume by distracting him with a toy while I snuck it onto him and that was just the construction man apron. The hat wouldn't stay on and FORGET ABOUT the boots. We had our own version of the "TAKE IT OFF!!!! TAKE IT OFF!!!" melt down. Now the approaching people for a piece of candy thing? He picked that up in a heartbeat.

Kathy said...

Terrific. She looked great! Ben also was excited, though he still doesn't really know what to make of the candy because we are more of a baked goods family when it comes to sweets and I didn't want to give him any right before bed. He just knows it is his.
This morning he grabbed his pumpkin basket off the counter and said, "My Halloween" and poured it out on the ground. Maybeto take inventory and make sure we didn't take any last night!

Beth said...

Smart girl!!! :) (and really cute too :)

Kim said...

haha aw what a cutie moana is!

hmmm what to do with candy. what to do, what to do?! :)

Running and living said...

Cute pics! I think Halloween is the best holiday for both kids and adults! Let Moana eat the candy:)

Aimee said...

How cute! It's amazing how quickly they learn isn't it?? :)

Regina said...

Too excited for Halloween?! No such thing! I get dressed up too! Since I have a kid now, it is 'acceptable' (eh em).

She looks so adorable!

IT is funny how we teach our kids to not talk to or take candy from strangers, then we dress them up in costume, stick a bucket in their hands and tell them to go knock on some strangers door and essentially, beg for candy. The irony.

Lizzie said...

So cute. I love when you post about what she says too. My boss's daughter used to say things like, "But Liz, where are them going?". I just couldn't correct it through the laughter :) Sounds like a fun neighborhood evening! Moana is really growing up.

Kim said...

LOVE the cat costume but hey - she's a women.. we change our mind right!? This is learned at a very early age :) I'm glad she had fun and enjoyed it eventually. Have a little bit of sugar for yourself - it's the offseason right!

ADC said...

Those pics of Moana are totally adorable.

Charisa said...

Funny about the cat outfit! Very cute.