Saturday, March 13, 2010

Random Tidbits

No good stories for you today, but here's a couple of tidbits from the weekend so far...

*It finally stopped raining today so it was beautiful on our ride. My bikes have been SO DIRTY all the time the past few months. I feel like I've cleaned each of them at least once/week and always wonder why I even bother? They're just going to get dirty again the next day, you know? But I do think it's important to get the sand out of the chain every once in a while.

*Speaking of 'why bother cleaning?' Not sure why I bother cleaning the kitchen on the weekends either? You can be sure that as soon as I do my husband will just go make himself something and fail to clean up after himself. Why are men incapable of cleaning up after themselves once they're married? I know I am not the only one with this problem, but come on.

*It appears that my calf is now 100% healed. I haven't felt even the tightness that I had been feeling after running, and that gives me some confidence that I can push the pace a little more here and there. Nalani and I worked the last mile of our brick run today and I felt strong and solid and ran a decent pace, even uphill. Now I feel like I can really write a good training plan for myself. Up to this point everything has been contingent on how my calf feels.

*After tomorrow's run, I'll have 38 miles this week. That's the most I've run in forever so clearly I can't claim injury anymore.

*This afternoon I took Moana to a little pond across the street to feed the fish. She got a kick out of dropping bread into the lake and watching them jump all over each other fighting for it. We also saw a duck (up close!) and a chicken and a cat and a lizard. She's really a lot of fun to hang out with these days as she gets older. Call me crazy, but I don't miss the 'baby days'. Glad I had the experience, but I'm happier to be playing with an older daughter who can interact with me and listen and express her opinions (even if sometimes that means major fits).

*We're doing better with the eating thing with Moana. The key for us has been for me not to try to feed her all the time based on when I think she should be hungry. I keep her busy and distracted and then when she's hungry she says 'eat' while doing the sign (hand to mouth). When she does that, I know she's actually hungry so she'll eat a good meal and then I won't have to try to force anything.

*We don't have Daylight Savings here, but I'm still glad the time is changing on the mainland. For us all it really means is that The Daily Show is on at 8:00 instead of 9:00, which is great because we'll get to sleep earlier after watching it.

*First triathlon of 2010 is next weekend! I'm excited to race! But I'm more excited to watch my local athletes let loose and rip up that course. It's just a sprint, so it'll be fast and furious and it's anybody's day. I think there will be a bunch of fast women finishing within 2-3 minutes of each other. How fun!

*I'm gonna have to get some decaf coffee. I find myself craving coffee all the time now but I don't generally want the caffeine after morning has passed.

*Lastly, do not, under any circumstances, let a Kirby sales guy into your house. They come to your door and pretend that they just want to clean a part of your house... all innocent and promising that they're not going to give a sales pitch and that it'll just take 10 minutes... That is a complete lie. 2.5 hours later you'll be kicking them out of your house after you've driven yourself mad repeating that you are not going to buy their $3,000 vacuum cleaner.


Jennifer Harrison said...

Ok that KIRBY sales guy comment made me crack up! Living in Chicago, i would not open the door for him let alone let him in my house! EEKS. We don't have too many door to door sales people here - I don't even let the NICOR gas guy (s) in unless the kids are NOT here and jerome is home or a friend is over! (our gas meters in these old 1880s homes are in the basement still - grr).

Glad the calf is ok! GOOD luck next weekend!

Running and living said...

Yay for the calf! I am with you on the baby toddler thing. The older my son gets, the more I love being a mother. I think you should test your husband and not pick up after him in the weekends. He might be shocked, but he might get the message. Ah, men! Have a grat race next weekend!

glutenfreetri said...

I've got the same man living in my house - but my two children add to the fun since they love to cook too. I hate to discourage them but it's so much clean up! Glad you are healed!

Molly said...

Yay for the calf! Thank goodness for ART, huh? :)

Lizzie said...

My husband used to be like this . . . then we moved to our new place where the kitchen and living room are in the same living area, AND it had a dishwasher (first one for me ever and I'm 33!), so now he actually volunteers to clean up after dinner. However, damp towel hanging on the bedroom door and slippers exactly where I can trip over them trying to get ready to go for a run? Still working on that :) So glad that calf is getting back to normal. Can't wait for your first tri-report next weekend!

Rebecca DeWire said...

I don't miss the baby days at all either! Being home full time when she was a baby was hard for me, but now that she is older and is my little buddy, I just love being home.

Glad that your calf is better and your running mileage is impressive.

Angela and David Kidd said...

I hear you on the husband's in the kitchen. Drives me crazy!

And that's great news about the calf. Now you are ready to get after it next weekend!

GoBigGreen said...

Yay for the calf, that is great!
I dont miss the baby days either ( hahaha. no kids)
And as for the DLS it sure stinks. I wish we were like you and AZ, I mean does this really save anyone any money? I think congress has better things to vote on than when we have DLS! :)
good luck next weekend!

Alicia Parr said...

I was just thinking the same thing about not missing the baby days. I have friends with infants, so it reminds me of how I loved it when I was in it, but now I'm glad to be past it. The interaction w/ the little guy is just so much FUN at this stage!

BTW - I just checked out your coaching website and it looks awesome! So well written and put together. I like your use of the "finding new gears" theme.

My best for your upcoming races!

jessithompson said...

LOL about husbands in the kitchen! YES!

Staci Dombroski said...

I love it too when the kids are interactive with you and can really express themselves. I hope you have a great week!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

What is this word "clean" you speak of???

I hate cleaning my bike, but I do it anyways, getting kinda fast and good at it.

Good luck this weekend racing, I am getting excited hearing of races coming up, that means mine arnt far away.

X-Country2 said...

Good luck next weekend!

Trigirlpink said...

The Kirby guy? I thought that was made up!! Really??? They come to your house??? Too funny. I would poke my head out and say.. Sorry, I LOVE my Miele vacuum thankyouverymuch

Yes.. men tend to be SLOBS. What is the deal??

Glad your calf is good to go. Looking forward to getting there myself!

Katie A. said...

So glad your calf is back up and runnin'! And you are so right about the baby thing...I wish they would just come out talkin' and ready to play!
Door to door salespeople are the worst! You are a brave woman for letting them in at all :)
Good luck next weekend!

Angela said...

Same experience with those dang Kirby guys...hate those things.

Ange said...

we had a kirby person come once. On was sold as a "free carpet cleaning" and sent by a family member!! She made me STAND there and WATCH her clean my carpet for HOURS!!!!!!!! UM??? HELLO! NO! I had 3 babies under age 4. Are you Kidding??? I was shocked. I misunderstood that part so she started and therefore it was really hard to stop her mid-job. Ugh.
DLS stinks...Just keep the time the same. I am envious of you guys. It messes us up here.
Glad your calf is healed! yay!!
And..sorry about the rain. But--you'llh ave hot sun again soon. We had rain from April-July last year. Literally. And not warmer than 50ish. harsh. My bike was very sad.

Charisa said...

Oh my, Kirby sounds awful!

DC Running Mama said...

Yeah! Glad the calf is totally healed! And, I agree w/ you, I am LOVING this phase. We just went to the playground tonight and it was SO MUCH FUN!

Jennifer Cunnane said...

I am glad your calf is feeling better! I bet you are glad - just in time for race season. Keep up training hard and good luck with the eating thing with your daughter. I struggled to get the triplets to eat at times because if one decided something healthy tasted like crap they would all go on a food strike!