Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Moana Videos!

Ahhhh. Moana is in bed, Scott just went out to buy some chocolate, so I have the whole house quietly to myself for a few minutes. So what's been going on?

Well, I've just been hangin' with my pal, Moana. Lol. Seriously though, I was thinking today about just how much fun it is to have her as my little sidekick all the time. Our weather has been better the last few days (yay for warmer days and less rain!) so I took her to the beach this morning. Took Hoku (our dog) too because I'm ambitious like that. Let's just say that I don't enjoy the beach quite as much when I take Hoku too... I mean, it's fun to take your dog to the beach and all, but the beach with the dog AND the toddler can be a bit of a challenge. More so when you have a dog who is absolutely obsessed with balls combined with a father/son who are on vacation and just trying to enjoy a game of catch on the beautiful beach... They clearly were not interested in allowing a big black dog to play but the only way for me to keep Hoku from chasing their ball was to keep her on her leash, which also isn't so cool to do to a dog obsessed with swimming in the ocean. Eventually I just moved us all down the beach so Hoku couldn't see the ball flying through the air anymore.

Anyway, Moana just had a blast playing in the waves today. Full on belly laughing fun. And then I spent a good while trying to wash the sand out of her hair before nap time. Which was actually the second time I had to wash her hair today.. the first being right after I got home from my bike ride this morning... you gotta love it when your husband is in charge of breakfast and gives your toddler a piece of peanut butter toast to play with. I got home and was like, "What happened to her hair??" I'm surprised Hoku didn't go nuts trying to lick her to death.

So there's been lots of outside time this week. We live in a condo complex which is fine, but we don't really have a yard for Moana to play in. That can be a bummer, but we compensate by walking to the botanical gardens across the street most afternoons. It's a great park because there's a pond with fish and ducks to feed, a big grassy area to run around in, and a little trail that goes all the way around the pond (like a whole tenth of a mile). Moana used to be afraid of the trail and I had to carry her the whole way... but now she's all about walking the whole thing herself! I brought the video camera yesterday because I was just thinking that I didn't want to forget these days and how fun they are... So push play if you wanna share the fun!

It's cute at the end of this video she says 'hiking'. She's got too many new words now to even list. She says everything I say.
Check out my little monkey in this video. Every time we go to the park she hangs on the railings on the way out, so of course I wanted it on film. I wonder how long until she starts pulling herself up? Ha!
Other than that, I'm busily earning myself my next rest week... that's how I'm thinking of each block of training now... as earning my rest week. Ha! I had so much fun at that last little race on Sunday that I went ahead and sent my entry in for the next sprint race which is in 3 1/2 weeks... I wasn't sure I wanted to do two sprint races this spring... I thought one was enough because my only real purpose was just to get a little race tune-up in... but it turns out I really like racing short stuff (who would have guessed?), and my Pac Velo team is super cool to be a part of! So what the heck. I entered the next one too. In other good news, Albert at Coffees of Hawaii is actually updating their company website now with news and results from our cycling/triathlon team and he put up a pic of our team. AND, he's offering 25% off Coffees of Hawaii products when you enter 'PV' into the promotional code box when you order online. I drink the Kona Island blend every morning now (after my workout- still espresso first!) and it is yummy.


jessithompson said...

Great videos. Love that coffee too!

Lizzie said...

I want a Moana!!! :) Seriously - she is just so cute! I's so fun watching little kids explore the world. Everything is exciting to them and it's contagious! :)

Running and living said...

Loved the videos. I miss those early toddler years when they are so cuddly and cute and innocent! Moana is so sweet! And strong! She probably has your arms:)

To answer your question, I only run 5 times/week, and my mileage is about 40-45. I do a track workout, then an easy but hilly run, then a tempo, then an easy flat run with some strides or a faster pace mile at the end, then rest day, then long run, than rest day. I use the FIRST philosophy of training, where the track and tempo runs are much faster than what McMillan or other training plans recommend.

Kathy said...

These are adorable. Thanks for sharing!

Angela and David Kidd said...

I love how calm and serene she is when she does everything. With Zach it's all "Crash - pull - yank - push - destroy - throw." Difference between girls and boys I guess.

And her little ponytail has become quite the signature look!

Staci Dombroski said...

Love the videos! Too cute :)

Katie A. said...

Ah, Moana videos! Love these posts! Your video camera takes really good viedo!
Good luck with the rest of this week's training - next week's rest week will be sweet!

Regina said...

I really loved those videos. They were so relaxing; just quiet and birds and water. I listen to garbage trucks, honking horns and loud people.

Moana is strong to hang like that, I am impressed. I guess I shouldn't be, look who her mom is.

Good on ya with the coffee site!

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Ahhh...moana is so adorable. Those videos are precious. I always have good intentions of taking videos of my boys, but I always forget. I really need to get better at that b/c they're growing up so fast!

Nitsirk said...

Thanks for the comments. Moana is so adorable, I think Jack has a crush :) That park is beautiful. Maine in March is all about mud and brown so it was nice to see the flowers and lush green stuff. Maybe someday we'll have to come visit so Moana can show Jack what it's like to swim in a warm ocean!

N.D. said...

sooo adorable!!!

Angela said...

I just can't get over how beautiful Moana is Michelle. You have a great family!

Glad your enjoying the weather....can you splash in the waves for me a little?