Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Moana's Iron Weekend

So Moana had a fun weekend in Kona. And for the most part, she really was as good as an 11 month old could possibly be. I am always shocked at how adaptable and easy going she is.

I mentioned it in an earlier post before the race, but one challenge we had was getting her to sleep in the flimsy little crib. She did get the hang of it though after the first night. On the last night we were there she was so tired that she fell asleep with all the lights on while Scott was taking a shower and I was packing my bike. The safety blanket was a good thing to bring. She's all about that blanket.

The second real challenge was trying to figure out how to feed her without a highchair. Kathy suggested that I strap her down in her stroller to feed her. I tried that and it worked so much better- so thanks, Kathy, for your comment! Of course, I told Scott that strapping her down was the best way to feed her but did he follow my advice while I was out racing? Didn't think so. This is what she looks like when daddy feeds her.

My friends said that patio was an absolute MESS on Saturday. But on Sunday we went out to eat and that was much easier. She loves eating at restaurants. This is what she looks like when mommy feeds her.

Back to the patio... apparently this is where the gang hung out while I was out riding. It cracked me up to check out these pictures after the race and get an idea of what they were doing while I was cooking on the Queen K. Apparently, without mommy around, Moana goes topless.
Nalani fed her goldfish.

Moana liked the goldfish so much, she took them right out of Nalani's mouth.

And then she got to wear Nalani's hat.

My friends had a really solid nutrition plan for the day. At least Moana had a juice box.
Um, no idea what this is about. But it looks like fun!

Kathy was a huge help with Moana all day! Though I have to say, it's clear that Scott was the one who picked out Moana's outfit for the finish line. Why can men not figure out how to match clothes?

Anyway, obviously, she had a great weekend. It was really fun to have her there and I appreciate everyone's help. It really takes a village.

Those 5 days away took their toll on her though. She's been so tired the last few days here. I took her into Waikiki so I could swim with Marit today (story for another post) and walking back to the car, she just totally conked out. Clearly, she's still not caught up on sleep. Watching an Ironman is hard work, ya know.


HEATHER @ runfastermommy! said...

she is such a cutie!! Congrats on the race :)

Billie said...

The pic of her in the stroller is priceless :-)

X-Country2 said...

She's clearly reverse tapering. :o) What a cutie!

IronMatron said...

She's a trooper all right! and super cute.

cherelli said...

wow some super-cute pictures! I have to say the picture of Moana when Scott is feeding her is pretty funny :)

Anonymous said...

TOO cute Michelle! Sounds like you and Marit had fun too :-)

Katie A. said...

What a blast! She looks like she had almost as much fun as you did on Saturday!
Scott feeding her is just priceless! :)

Regina said...

I am so convinced that they pick up on all the excitement around them even if they don't understand what it is all about.

I love your description of that photo,"solid nutrition plan", it made me laugh out loud, alone, in my room.

What a great little trooper you have there.

congrats again on an amazing race!

N.D. said...

soo cute. She is getting so big, ahhhh

Trisaratops said...

She is just so cute! Congrats again on a fantastic race!

DC Running Mama said...

Can we have some pigtails, PLEASE? I'm dying for baby pig-tails.

Sounds like Moana had a good day (as did your friends!).

And, I hear you about daddy feedings and dressings. I'm constantly redressing Nathan after hubby leaves for work b/c the outfit is a)totally inappropriate for the weather or b) not matching at ALL!

Kate Parker said...

OMG....she's such a HAM. A cute ham for sure.

Lizzie said...

Triathlete in the making! Clearly you had no shortage of sitters and who could blame them?? :)

Angela and David Kidd said...

Adorable pictures. One day you can take pictures of what you're doing when you're cheering her on in an IM (although more than likely you'll be out there as well going head to head with her).

Alili said...

Oh my goodness she looks so cute!