Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Still Processing

I've been meaning to blog for the last couple days, but it just seems that actually sitting down at the computer to do it has been such a challenge! If Moana is awake, she won't let me type without her help, and since you likely don't want to read a bunch of dgsuiaooghubnfffffffffffffdsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that she likes to write, I can only try to type while she's sleeping. And since I'm usually training during her morning nap, and napping myself during her afternoon nap, that only leaves the evening after she's gone to bed... but that's my only time with my husband, and spending it on the computer just doesn't seem right. Enough excuses.

I would be napping right now except I was too hungry to actually sleep. I figured I'd update my blog while I chowed down on my 19th bowl of cereal today. Lol.

Anyway, training is going well. It's big right now, but what's new? It's been big, and it's going to get bigger before it gets smaller. But Ironman is in 3 1/2 weeks and if I make it through this weekend's workouts as prescribed, I'm pretty confident race day will be a breeze. Ok, not really. That's totally an exaggeration. But I can say that I will be as prepared as possible, so that's something.

Moana is growing like a weed. I'm starting to stress about the fact that I have not done any planning for her first birthday party. (I know!?! Can you believe my baby is going to be ONE???) I guess it wouldn't normally be such a huge deal for me, except that First Birthdays are a huge deal here in Hawaii. People here go all out throwing 'Baby Luau's' for these occasions. First of all, I don't even know what a Baby Luau is, let alone how to start planning one. I woke up at 4:00AM this morning stressing about it. I can't pull that off. I can't. I'm thinking that we're just going to have a simple birthday party here instead of making Moana dance the hula at the beach. I just have to clear that by Scott first.

Yesterday I took Moana to the mall (Ick! I hate the mall) but there's a kids playland there and Moana gets a kick out of it so I take her sometimes. Anyway, I think it's cute to watch her little personality come out when she's in social situations. Upon arriving at the play area, she spent 10 minutes happily watching all that was going on around her while hanging on to my leg.
Then, once she felt comfortable, she was off! I could hardly catch her on film.
Her two bottom teeth are finally fully in. I swear she's the World's Slowest Teether. Which is ok, because she doesn't seem to be too bothered by the teeth cutting her gums. She's getting three more up on top right now that cut through about 2 weeks ago but are still barely showing. She is learning how to use them though. The other day my neighbor let her hold a ripe wild mountain apple that she'd picked off a tree in Waimanalo (wild mountain apples, in case you've never had one, are sort of floral tasting, more mild than an apple, with the consistency of a ripe pear). Anyway, right away Moana put it up to her mouth and discovered, for the first time, that her teeth can cut into food. That's big for her! She still pretty much spits out any food that is not completely pureed. I've been trying to get her to eat bread and cheese and peas and foods that are easily mashed. I thought I was doing so well... She clearly enjoyed picking up the foods and putting them into her mouth...

Most of the food on her tray was gone after a few minutes and I was psyched that we'd moved on from our complete dependence on the food processor and a spoon, only to find her high chair seat full of peas and cheese toast after I pulled her out of it. Back to the food processor for a while I guess.


Clare said...

i'm ignoring the birthday party thing as long as possible! but i'm glad i don't have baby luau pressure, that sounds crazy (yet fun, if you're not the party planner)!

Regina said...

I'm with Clare...still avoiding birthday parties until absolutely necessary, I haven't much time left.

IT's nice to know someone else loves cereal as much as I do.

Good luck these last 3 weeks!

Angela and David Kidd said...

I've got the birthday party this weekend. I am so unprepared. Hopefully Zach will be super charming so my inability to coordinate a party are ignored.

Good luck getting through this weekend. Taper is coming soon!

Newt said...

Moana is so cute, with her little teeth! She looks so much like her dad, these days!

X-Country2 said...

A baby luau sounds awesome to attend but a nightmare to plan. Pizza, cake and alcohol is pretty much all I require for a great party.

Rebecca DeWire said...

I have never heard of a baby luau! That just strikes me as really funny.

Good luck as you push through to the taper.

Katie A. said...

She is growing like a weed! An adorable, cute weed! Sounds like you are all having a blast!
I can't believe your race is in three and a half weeks! But looks like you have it all under control! :)

2009 Sportsplex Sprint Triathlon said...

don't give up on the whole foods...just cut smaller pieces or mash them with a fork a little so she can keep using those hands!

She's getting so much hair and growing so fast. Wow, I miss the first year already and I'm not even half way through year 2 yet.

N.D. said...

She is getting so big, I cannot BELIEVE it has almost been a year. Oh my goodness, I just remember waiting and waiting last year to hear the news. I can't believe it. She is adorable!!

Lizzie said...

Double ick on the mall. But since being naked is against the law I occasionally need clothes! :) I can't believe that Moana is 1! But I can believe she is getting even cuter. And don't stress about the party thing. My best friend just had her daughter's 1st birthday party with a bbq with about 15-20 friends stopping by over the course of 6 hours with their kids and it worked out fine.