Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What Do You Mean, I Can't Call In Sick??

Monday night my back started feeling all achy. At first, I attributed it to the weight lifting session I'd had in the gym that morning. I tried to remember all the exercises I'd done in an effort to figure out which one might have the been the culprit of the excessively achy back, but then realized that other than the pull-ups, I didn't really do any back exercises. So what's up with the aching back?

And why did my neck hurt? And now a headache? Uh oh. This was looking like the flu more and more with each passing minute.

I woke up Tuesday morning with what felt like a fever and my whole body just ached. My skin even hurt. It was bad. I sent Nalani a text message and told her I would not be showing up for our planned hill run. GRRRR. Another key run session missed because I was sick. GRRRR again.

But you know what's the worst part about being really sick when you're a mom? You can't really be a mom. Not a good one anyway. I was flat out on the floor in tears as Scott left for work yesterday morning... had no idea how I was going to handle my little Baby On The Move all day long when I couldn't really move myself. Um, I'd like to call in sick. But who do you call in sick to when you're a mom??

Anyway, I just sort of hung out on the floor most of the day and let Moana use me as a jungle gym. Apparently my body on the floor is way more interesting than pretty much anything else on the floor. In great news, she did take two rather long naps yesterday which helped me immensely. I felt really bad for the first one... Apparently I fell asleep right there on the floor and so did she. It's sort of sad to see your little girl sound asleep on the floor because you weren't responsible enough to get her into her crib. Just call me Mom Of The Year. But I eventually woke up, transferred her carefully to her crib, and climbed back in bed.

I guess the good news about being hit that hard by the flu is that usually those really intense bouts don't last that long. It was really just a 24 hour thing and I started feeling better last night. Phew! In the end, I guess I'd rather have one horrible day of being sick than a week of just feeling kind of sick but less than 100%. I feel fine today, although when I emailed Jen and asked her if I could ride my trainer today her reply came back, "NO NO NO!"

See, left to my own devices, I'd totally be on my trainer right now. But I guess this is why we hire coaches- to keep us from doing things that'll just keep us down. In the end, I'd rather be 100% and able to get in a good hard training session than just keep pushing myself when I'm down and never get better. Hopefully this extra day of rest will leave me feeling fresher this weekend so I can put in a good couple days of key training.

And it didn't turn out to be a terrible day for Moana. Check it out, she even found a new friend to play with.


Kate Parker said...

Glad you're feeling better. There is not much worse than being sick with a full day of (solo) baby-care in front of you. :(

Lizzie said...

Ugh - I hate the flu. Actually had a swine flu scare (and it wasn't even that scary, just felt more awful than a cold for about 10 days) last month. Glad to hear you're feeling better. And you're NOT a bad mother - if Moana is asleep or happy then mission accomplished! :) My trainer does exactly the same thing - foot injury and I was going to be stubborn enough to still do a 5k! Instead two weeks off . . . but it worked.

Rebecca DeWire said...

The more I read your blog, the more I think I might need a coach! I too would be on the trainer despite being sick. I totally agree that being really sick and caring for a little one is so hard. Glad to feel that you are feeling better.

Nitsirk said...

I had that bug last week. Luckily (?)I work so I sent the bambino to daycare and spent the day in bed. Sometimes being a working mom has its advantages :) I hope Moana doesn't get it!

Regina said...

oh yeah, I know your pain. Last year my son and I both had the flu and my husband was out of town on biz. Being the good hubby he took the red eye back as soon as he was done.

that was the hardest two days ever, aside from my labor!

glad you are feeling better. I'd be on the trainer too.

Angela said...

Give yourself a break...I fall asleep with the boys on the floor too! It's okay, sometimes that's the best sleep.

It is hard being the glue that holds it all together...sometimes I wish I wasn't so sticky and could just be the paper that gets stuck on at the last minute. Our thankless job.

Glad you're feeling better, now go kick some training butt this weekend for the both of us...we're moving and I can't get the time in.

N.D. said...

Oh no! I hope you are feeling better!
I love the mirror pic of Moana!

Katie A. said...

Love the pic of Moana! Glad to hear your feeling better and taking the advice of your coach.
And by the way, you are not a bad mamma! Just think back to when we were little and all the "dangerous" things we used to play with! No carseats, metal high chairs, toys that were made of God only knows! We turned out just fine!