Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Moana's Favorite Things

Life this week has been a delicate balance. I've been training. A lot. I feel TIRED. I want to nap but have to chase Moana around instead to make sure she isn't getting into anything that could hurt her. Most of the time she's not really getting herself into dangerous situations, but she does have the ability to get herself quite dirty. Clearly that is a hit on my housekeeping skills, though I swear, if you were to look at my house you'd think it was clean... Moana just has a way of finding the really dirty spots and focusing her time there.

Take right now, for example. She just crawled up to my computer and is trying desperately to get her grungy little hands on the keyboard. Her face is a mess. I think it's because she was trying to lick the screen door just now.

She has this new ability to pull herself up to standing on anything and everything in the house. And she's tall enough now to reach right up onto my desk and pull down anything that might be there. Note to self: clean my desktop.

Current favorite things to do around the house:

1. Find a stack of magazines and pull them off the table one by one until they are all on the floor. Then randomly rip a page out of each one.

2. Chase the dog or the cat. Ally has the ability to escape by jumping up on the couch. Hoku can't jump so she kind of gets herself cornered sometimes and that's not so good. Sometimes I shut her (the dog, not the baby) in the laundry room. I tell myself that it's for her own safety, when really it might be that I just vacuumed and want to keep the floor dog-hair-free for just like 10 minutes.

3. Bang the dog's water bowl on the wood floors. That makes a good loud noise. It also gets the floor all wet if mommy doesn't remember to empty out the water every morning first thing. Poor Hoku not only has to hide for her safety, she is also quite dehydrated.

4. She's learning to stand on this car thing. It rolls though and sometimes she gets supremely irritated that it won't just stay in one place. She's taken several steps with it going forward but hasn't thought that was as exciting as I thought it was.

5. Moana is obsessed with the radio in her room. It sits on the floor and she is always in there pushing the buttons and changing the channel. We listen to a real variety of music when she is in charge. And sometimes we just get static.

6. She is also obsessed with the remote control. Any remote control. The other night Scott and I were watching a movie and she got a hold of the remote and pushed something that muted the TV. But not the mute button. It took us about 15 minutes to figure out that our tuner has 'Stereo A' and 'Stereo B'. For future reference, it needs to be on Stereo A to produce sound.

Finally, the girl likes to eat. Even though she still only has 1 tooth. Clearly, it is now time for some grub. She's not kidding. She can't really talk yet but I'm pretty sure she's saying, Mom, get off that computer and feed me already!!!


Angela and David Kidd said...

Poor Hoku! And we have the magazine thing here as well. Once they get moving there is just no sitting still unless they are asleep.

Her hair is getting so long. She'll be in pigtails in no time.

cat. said...

michelle!!! she's just getting cuter and cuter ... in looks AND personality. i love it.

btw, her hair is too cute!!!

Lizzie said...

I think I might have mentioned this story on your blog before, but one of my friend's daughters (when she has been walking for awhile) used to love to open the bottom two drawers of her bureau (which contained her clothes) take each item out, one by one, hug it, then place it on the floor . . .. leaving a huge pile of clothes for my friend to clean up afterwards!!

Moana is getting so big - she looks like lots of fun! I bet she loves the phone too!

N.D. said...

Look at her hair! So cute!! it sure sounds like she is keeping you busy! Haha. Licking the screen door? Too funny. Now I know what to expect!

BriGaal said...

Aww Hoku! But even the dog couldn't stay mad at Moana, she's so stinkin' cute!

Rebecca DeWire said...

Moana is SO CUTE!!!!! I love the hair. Sounds like she is having fun exploring her environment :) It can definitely be exhausting chasing little ones around, especially after all of that hard training.

Clare said...

cute girl! and ditto the hair comments...hope andra gets bangs like moana!!

DC Running Mama said...

Nathan loves all things paper, plastic, and "forbidden" (aka, my cell phone, the remote control, keys, etc.).

I don't know why we wasted so much money on toys!

Regina said...

I'm sorry, but I am laughing. This brings back so many memories.

Unfortunately, my son is a lot bigger now and I wish it was only magazines he was getting into.

Be on the alert for long silences, they are the indicator they are up to no good.

Poor dog and I think the last time I had a nap was three years ago.

Alicia Parr said...

No rest for the weary! Sounds like you and Moana are doing great.

Roo said...

She is adorable. Shall I send you all my old magazines so she'll have some new stuff to throw on the floor?