Saturday, May 23, 2009

No Whammy's!!

Woohoo! I survived the last weekend brick before Honu! The last weekend ride before a big race always makes me nervous... I always have this fear that I'm going to crash or get hit by a car or something... so I'm happy to report that it was mostly uneventful and I felt spectacular.

I started with my normal group- most of the Pac Velo Tri Team members- who were all planning on riding up to Sunset Beach and back... 62 miles. Earlier this week Jen said she would fly to Hawaii and beat me with a wet noodle (HA!) if I did that this weekend... So I told Mike that I was going to turn around early and not to worry about me.

Mike then asked the group, "Who is not going to Sunset?"

I raised my hand. The only person out of the 9 of us to do so.

Spence laughed. "One person!"

Mike's motto lately has been "Mimimalists needs not apply." So now I am shamed, but maybe they'll forgive me when I go have a great race next weekend. ;) Actually, it's all in good fun and I don't think anyone really cared one way or the other. 40 miles or 60 miles the weekend before the race... whatever floats your boat.

In Moana news... isn't it cool when your kid mimics you? Check out her Downward Dog.

And plank! Apparently Moana wants a strong core. Just like her Mama.


Molly said...

Hahaha, Moana's pictures always crack me up.

Great job getting through your last brick - can't wait to "cheer" for you next week!!!

marathon mommy said...

It amazes me how strong and flexible babies are considering they can't even walk!

cat. said...

first - i totally have that same feeling of relief when i've gotten through a pre-race workout unscathed!

second - holy moana cutenes!!!

third - did she learn to "flip the bird" from you as well? (see second picture).

: )

Clare said...

her plank face looks like, AM I DONE YET?? too cute.

Angela and David Kidd said...

Jen threatened to come over and slap me today. Seems she's got her hands full keeping us in line.

Love the pictures. Isn't crazy the moves babies can do. Zach did a split in the tub tonight and it would have killed me but he wasn't phased in the least.

X-Country2 said...

When did she get so much hair? The downward dog is too cute!

Charisa said...

Go Moana! How is her triangle pose? :)

Good luck next weekend!

Natalie D said...

hahah such cute pics. Great job on the brick! last big one, you are going to do great!

Angela said...

You're going to do great in the race...and Moana is too cute trying to keep up with mommy!

Lizzie said...

Can't wait to get your results next week! Maybe Miss Moana is getting ready to join you?? :o)

Alicia Parr said...

Someone's working on her pre-crawling skills. Look out! :)

Mer! said...

Awww-so cute Moana's downward dog! Precious!

You will rock HONU!!! I'll be cheering for ya!!!!