Saturday, November 9, 2013

Cats In Boxes

OK so not sure what happened there, but my old domain name just went away and I don't understand the workings of the inter-webs well enough to figure out how to get it back... but I did figure out how to get this to post via blogspot so there you go! I suppose I've prob lost a lot of readers by switching the domain but that's fine. Maybe for the best! :)

So the big news at the moment is that all that paperwork for the bank is about to pay off in the form of a new house for us! Sign here, sign there. Sign this, sign that... and Ta-dah! We move on Friday! (I fly out on Thursday night but never mind that for now.) I've been spending some of my free hours packing boxes and at the moment our house is a disaster zone with boxes and crap everywhere, but at some point, probably mid-December, we'll be all unpacked and settled into a sweet house. With a yard! And storage! For now, the cats just think this condo has become the ultimate playground and it feels like my life is a disaster area.
So as I'm packing I'm trying to figure out what I need for my week in Scottsdale (a cowbell and lots of training gear), what I need for Lake Tahoe (lots of cold weather clothes), and what I'll need for Cozumel (lots of race gear!). All that crap goes in the suitcase (how it will all fit I have no idea) and the rest of it gets packed into boxes that I will unpack as part of my Ironman Recovery Plan.

3 weeks til Ironman #14! How did that happen? Turns out, if you just put your head down and train, all of a sudden it's time to race! It's winter now here in Hawaii... and while winter for us doesn't mean snow, it does mean rain. I was thinking today and trying to remember the last ride I did where I did not get rained on? It's been a few weeks anyway... Today was about as wet as I've ridden in all year, and my bike finally just revolted. Admittedly I have not been taking good care of it... and now I have a bike that won't shift gears. Today I had 3 options for gears. 53x14, 15, or 16. Good thing my route was pretty flat! I called in an SOS to my friend who is a BMWMHC (bike mechanic who makes house calls) and he's on his way to help resolve the situation for me. Phew.

Tomorrow I will go tackle the track set that has been my nemesis all year. I have yet to (ever) nail this one (21x800's) but I think maybe tomorrow will be my day. #IThinkICanIThinkICanIThinkICan It took me like 8 tries before I could finally say I owned that 60x50's set in the pool, so given that this is only my third attempt at these 800's, I won't be too hard on myself if they don't go perfectly. At least I expect  that I'll be able to do them better than I have in the past. Progress is the goal... Honestly I think it's more of a mental hurdle than anything else... just like the 60x50's... Once I got over my dislike fear of the set and just shut my brain off, I was absolutely physically capable. So that's what tomorrow is about. Brain Training! And ok, maybe some leg training too. :)

Moana just said, "I know that if you don't win, you just have to keep trying because maybe you'll win next time!" Smart little girl, that one. I'll follow her advice!

In the meantime, if I can get the cats out of the boxes, I'll keep packing...


thepumpkinsdiary said...

I'm excited to see you at IMAZ! Will you be doing any social things on Friday afternoon (Tribe and/or Smashfest gatherings)? Want to run a trail race with me Saturday morning -- that sounds like an appropriate taper activity ;) ...okay, I'll stop giving you even more to think about, you have a lot on your hands.

Angela and David said...

21*800! That is insanity! Hope the move goes well.

JB said...

Good luck with your move!