Sunday, November 24, 2013


So all you crazies who live on the mainland and think 30 degrees is not cold or whatever, congrats to you… but shit if I'm not freezing to death here in California! I was out running this morning, officially it was 39* degrees but felt like 29* to me and I swear I just never warmed up at all. I had a decent run and all but on my way home I was thinking I didn't care if this pace was faster with less effort, it's so freakin' uncomfortable to be numb like that and I would not be a runner if I lived here. OK, not a morning runner anyway. Then I read on FB and Twitter about people running in 5-10* or whatever and I try to imagine but just simply can't so I have to stop thinking about it.

If I lived here my hot water bill would bankrupt me. I just want to take hot showers until I parboil myself.

Yesterday I got up early early and made my way over to the Stanford pool for masters at 6AM. Again it was 39* degrees and if my in-laws didn't already think I'm a complete nut job, they sure did after that. She's what?? She's swimming? At 6AM on a Saturday? It's 39*!?! But I wasn't the only one… there must have been 70+ swimmers there! I was shocked. Super cool it was set up long course so I appreciated that for sure, but 7-8 people/lane (x12 lanes) was def new for me considering I typically swim with just one or two other people. Got to swim with Hailey and Jess though and we had coffee afterward too so it was all good.

When Moana is not crying about the skin under her nose feeling all chapped, she is having a blast here with her cousins. Right now her cousin is teaching her how to play the piano and it's super cute! My in-laws also have a new Maltese puppy that keeps passing out from all the chasing. It's a win-win situation when a 5 year old meets a puppy.

Tomorrow we head up to Lake Tahoe to hang with my brother and his wife/family for the Thanksgiving week. My mom will be there too and she is beside herself as this is the first time she will get to be with all 3 of her grandchildren at the same time! So I'm mentally prepping to be even colder than I am now (I went to Target and bought a snuggie- true story- that thing is awesome I absolutely love it). I also find myself wondering how race week prep will go up there at 6500ft? I'll try to not let it affect me mentally anyway, but after freezing to death and not being able to breathe all week, I think I'll be pretty stoked to land in Cozumel when I finally get there!


Damie said...

I bought a snuggie last year- best purchase ever!!!!!!!!

Angela and David said...

Being cold sucks! I hate living in these temps. It was 20 out this morning when I ran and everyone was so happy that it felt "warm." I am not getting tougher the longer I live here. Enjoy your brush with "seasons". Baah humbug.