Friday, October 4, 2013

Ironman Fever

Tis the IRONMAN season, eh? I guess some athletes are winding down or whatever, but a lot of my team is still going going going! Kona next weekend (2 athletes racing) then IM Florida (2 athletes racing), IM Arizona (5 athletes racing), and finally finishing up with IM Cozumel (4 athletes racing). Phew! I'm actually going to be physically AT all of those with the exception of Florida... Moana and I head to Kona on Sunday so that should be a fun week... then I've got a rather long mainland trip around AZ and Thanksgiving coming up, culminating in Mexico! It's like All Ironman All The Time this fall!

AND, with that, I am going to Kona in less than 48 hours. Have not even thought about packing or making a list or anything. There's so much less stress when one is not racing! I will be taking all my training crap though and everything for Moana as well b/c she is coming with me for the week. She's pumped too. She's been working on a very special cheer for the athletes. I'll get a video of it and post it at some point next weekend. :) It's a true classic.

To make things even more exciting, I just crashed Hillary Biscay's 10K UltraMan swim that she's planning the morning after the race. I saw her post on Twitter and couldn't help myself! Like a pesky little sister or something I just begged to tag along!

This new development about this swim made me full full on GIDDY with excitement! Same swim we did at Kona camp in August but the opposite direction. It will be the highlight of my week!

Of course I love Kona week... getting to observe it all from the outside is a really good learning experience. I watch all the interviews and listen to what the pros have to say... I find that more and more interesting every year! Tough to pick favorites as there are so many talented athletes, but if I had to put money down on someone, I'd pick Caroline Steffen. She is a machine and it's her turn to win! Of course I'd say that though, right?? (I'm drinking the TeamTBB cool-aid) So I will cheer for her... and Jodie Swallow, even though it's her first crack on the Big Island. And MBE, even though she is all hurt right now from her bike crash... What a bad ass though for even considering racing with a broken collarbone?! Sentimentally I also like MBK. She just seems so nice and genuine and I don't know. something about her I just like even though I've never met her. :)

In other Ironman related news,  I threw my name in the hat for Cozumel. Physically my fitness is there... training has been so consistent and solid for the last at least 5 months (NO injuries knock on wood!) so it's hard to think about NOT using that fitness and doing an ironman this fall. What it comes down to is that I've got ~2 months to work on getting myself mentally fit for the event so that's really where my focus is at the moment. That race will be successful or not depending on my mindset. I've got a plan in place working on that aspect of it so we'll see how that turns out. :)

Anyway, will try to post some from Kona but will also try not to be completely obnoxious about it b/c I know how annoying that can be. Will be live tweeting on Saturday though so stay tuned for that! It will be better than IMLive coverage. Lol.


Damie said...

no! post! we (I) Love it! share the week with us. Have a great time- enjoy the swim!

Kris Cordova said...

I second Damie's comment. Please share! And have fun swimming with Hillary!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am stoked you'll be here for IMAZ!! Have fun in Kona :)

Anonymous said...

My heart is on Steffens or Kessler. However I also would really like a totally random dark horse (like Kim S.) to just shock everyone. Sorta like Caroline did with her 2nd place a few years ago.