Friday, October 18, 2013

I Hope I'm Not Jinxing Myself

Let's see how about a random post? Seems like I've thought of a bunch of things to blog about lately but none worthy of an entire blog in and of itself...

~Biggest news first! Maybe I shouldn't even write this down yet for fear of jinxing the situation but I'll take my chances... It *appears* that this condo is on its way to being sold and it *appears* that we have found a kick ass house to move into soon. And by soon, I mean that "we" will very possibly be moving the weekend I will be in Tempe cheering on my athletes who are racing Ironman Arizona. Whoops! Not sure how I lucked into that timing but my plane ticket is bought... Sorry Scott wish I could help you move but I won't be here... Anyway, some more paperwork has to go through (read: I have to keep signing documents I'm not even reading) and the bank has to officially say yes but assuming everyone at that escrow office does his/her job, then I'm going to come back from Cozumel and spend the month of December unpacking boxes and settling into our new home. A house with a yard! With an avocado tree! And a fig tree! Pinch me! It's a really nice house and after all those shitty tear down scenarios we almost got ourselves into, I'll be counting my lucky stars if this actually all works out. I'll also be selling avocados to help pay the mortgage.

~Back from Kona earlier this week and YIKES I was trashed. First time in a long time I can even remember bailing on a swim session mid-workout! That 10K on Sunday took a LOT out of me and I went to swim 2 days later (on Tuesday) and was like OMG I spent *all* my swim mojo on that 10K and have nothing left! I swam ~1K and decided I was wasting my time and really just did not need to be swimming that day (it was UGLY) so I got out, bailed on my planned bike ride, and came home and took a nap. It's not often at all that I bail on training but it's also not often I feel that trashed so I didn't feel the least bit bad about my decision. And you know what? I woke up the next morning and went to swim and had one of the BEST workouts ever. So really I just needed one more day to do pretty much nothing then it was like I had some sort of breakthrough. Super cool. While Nalani and I were swimming on Wednesday I was thinking that I felt absolutely bulletproof and was swimming really well and just not even feeling tired. Kinda freaky, really.

~I'm having a little breakthrough with my running right now as well. Finally!! I have not transformed into speedy runner overnight or anything but I have been running injury free and very consistently for months now and it's finally coming together. I think a very large part of that is in my head... meaning that as soon as I started truly believing that I don't actually suck at running, I started running like I don't actually suck at running. Funny how that works. So I will continue to explore this new finding of mine where I'm trying to rewrite the script in my head and see if I can make it play out on a race course in Mexico in a few weeks. Will keep you posted!

~For the most part I'm still on my no-wheat kick. As long as I eat mostly at home it's not that hard to do... in Kona it was more challenging and I did eat a wrap on race day when I was out/about town and was starving to death with no other options. And it wasn't the end of the world for me but I did wake up Sunday morning with swollen eyelids which I've come to find is 100% a wheat reaction. No wheat = no swollen eyelids. Eat wheat = swollen eyelids. Weird, right? I don't have any other really black/white symptoms like that but I can say that I just feel GOOD overall right now and my recovery day to day has been awesome so I have no desire to go back to eating wheat and other processed foods. I do find myself replacing wheat with more nutrient dense plant based foods so that's likely part of the reason I feel better. I do find I'm sleeping better too so that, of course, is a huge bonus.

~Speaking of my no-wheat-but-more-nutrient-dense nutrition plan, I made "pizza" from scratch tonight! Let's be honest it wasn't really pizza as it has a cauliflower crust, and it was harder than this recipe made it look (mostly b/c my BlendTec doesn't chop up the cauliflower very efficiently), but it was tasty! We ate it with a fork and really it was all plants and cheese. I added chopped garlic and basil and rosemary to the crust 'dough' before I baked it and then topped it with cheese, spinach, red onion, yellow pepper, and feta. Super tasty!

~Tomorrow is going to be a fun day! Kelly is here on Oahu so we are going to do an ocean swim with her then I'll get to hear her full Kona story in person over a beer at Dukes. Can't wait! Then we are taking Moana camping tomorrow night at a super cool botanical garden nearby where there is a free Blue Grass Festival... I bought marshmallows to roast on the bonfire and Moana is having a hard time waiting until tomorrow to eat those. :)


Katie said...

Glad to read the running is going better! I struggle so hard mentally believing I can run. I look at my Garmin about 50% of the time and slow down because the paces are so much faster than I'm accustomed to, even though my heart rate is low! You got this! Smile through the marathon, it makes it better :)

Jennifer Harrison said...

"I think a very large part of that is in my head..."

Funny, I did not get sick in the water in Kona this year...FIRST TIME for me! Oh that mind over matter stuff, eh?

:) LOL