Friday, December 7, 2012

The Pink Elephant Marathon

Saw this in my Facebook feed today. Yikes.

I was telling Scott last night about how I have really not given this marathon the respect it is due... he has seen that I have been running a lot lately so he thinks I'm totally ready... but I would say that since I know how one is actually *supposed* to train for a marathon and I also know how I have been training lately, I had to disagree. I do think I am ready to cover 26.2 miles without hurting myself. So that's a plus. I have no illusions though that I am actually prepared to run a marathon to my potential this weekend so I am not even going to try.

Goals for the marathon:
1. Don't hurt myself.
2. Finish without digging too deep of a hole in terms of recovery.
3. Smile and see if can actually enjoy a marathon, at least a little, for once.

One might wonder why I am even bothering to run this thing given how little I have thought about it... So here's the short version of the story. The day after IM Canada last August I went wine tasting with Nalani and Krista and Shane... we ended up at a place called Pink Elephant... Tasting their champagne and feeling a little buzzed I told Nalani I was going to buy a bottle and we were going to drink it after we ran the Honolulu Marathon.

But then the Ironman was over and my 2 week break turned into 3... then I started training but stopped and got sick and well, finally really starting back ~5 weeks ago I felt like AN ELEPHANT every time I tried to take a running step and was thinking this marathon might be a very bad idea. Nalani though, was like, No no it's perfect we feel like elephants so we'll run the marathon in honor of pink elephants everywhere... and since we had Pink Elephant champagne it just seemed like it was meant to be... I think she even sent me a video of Dumbo in an effort to describe one of her training runs and I could, of course, totally relate. Now that I think about it, I should probably add that theme song to my playlist for Sunday.

Anyway, in honor of all that of course I needed to find something very special to wear... If you know me at all you know that I do not (ever) wear pink... or run in skirts... but whatever. THIS is my outfit for Sunday. Yup! We'll take pictures, don't worry.


Anonymous said...

The champagne looks fun and delicious but I'm really not sure what to make out of that Pebbles outfit. =)

Best wishes for you and Nalani to enjoy the race as much as one can enjoy a marathon.

mtanner said...

I love the skirt! Cannot believe you are going to run in it! Just have fun!

cherelli said...

love it - enjoy your run - and champagne!