Friday, December 28, 2012

Holiday "Vacation"

Hope everyone had a nice holiday week... We've had fun around here of course, but I must say, and moms across the country who work from home will understand what I mean, these holiday weeks can be challenging! Having my husband and my daughter home on vacation could potentially be super fun, though maybe more so if I was also on vacation! My job, while awesome, doesn't really lend itself to vacation per say. I think I've done a decent job managing it all this week but I'd be lying if I said it didn't require some late nights and early mornings here on this computer. And a lot of flexibility... which can be a stretch for this gal who thrives on routine.

~At 4, Moana was pretty much the perfect age for Christmas this year. Interestingly, she fell sound asleep by 8 o'clock on Christmas Eve which was awesome for us. Of course, we manipulated that a bit by keeping her busy most of the day and purposely skipping her nap. So by the time it was time for bed she was all over it. Lucky she tends to not fight sleep when she's tired!

~Santa brought stockings for the cats and the dog as well which really made Moana happy! Those cats are still crazy nutbags either full of energy and bounding all over the house (and on the roof) or piled up on top of each other snoozing soundly. It is cute though how connected they are to each other. Best buds for sure.
Who, us??

~I lived on chocolate rum balls for 4 days. Now I'm back to my diet of mostly plants/vegetables and I won't make rum balls again until next year. Phew.

~Santa brought Moana a bike for Christmas and she has been riding it every day. It was interesting to me how nervous I got for her as she was riding... be careful down that hill... watch out for that curb... etc. She did say something about how she was going to have strong legs just like mommy so of course that made me infinitely happy. :)

~My training load this week is rightfully reduced a bit but I'm still managing some quality sessions, and yesterday I did get to do my standard long brick which totally made me think it was Saturday all day. I've got 4 local athletes also racing IM Los Cabos and 3 of them came over yesterday to ride/run with me. For once it was actually a dry sunny day with only normal/moderate winds so we ripped up 90+ miles on the bike then I had the best run I've had in months off that ride. I'm feeling super right now swim bike and run and I'm confident I'm on the right path now for an Ironman in 11 weeks. Yay!!

~Scott is spending most of his vacation week surfing. He is smart- he watches the surf report and the winds, etc and somehow always manages to take the least windy days to surf... I tend to not watch the weather report... so if my schedule calls for a bike ride, I just ride regardless of wind or rain... which means I ride on the wettest/windiest days while he's on surfing on the beautiful ones. Like right now... wind is at ZERO and he is out surfing. That happens like twice a year. I'm not bitter. I swear.

Ok... back to work! Enjoy your last weekend in 2012. Make it a good one.


Damie said...

sounds like a great holiday!!!! what is the countdown in weeks now? getting pumped for you!!!

mmmonyka said...

It is super awesome that those shingles did not take too much out of you (or at least less than you thought they would, or am I wrong?) and you feel great and on a right track. 11 weeks to go!

What are those little wheels doing on Moana's bike?!? I cannot believe my eyes. Take them down! :)

And I am glad to find out that you are human too and occasionally live on sugar treats. Now I do not feel that guilty for my eating habits:)

cherelli said...

Your cats are way too cute :) I can't believe Moana is four! Wow. Enjoy getting back into the post-Christmas swing of things...11 weeks will no doubt fly by!

Katie said...

4 days of rum balls! you don't mess around.