Monday, December 3, 2012

December Musings

So far I've done all my Christmas shopping online because I'm lazy like that. In good news, the boxes have brought great joy to Ozzie and Harriet. They went nuts this morning chasing each other around and wrestling in and around this box.

Tonight they were at it again. I really should get a video b/c this is hysterical to watch.

And sorry but I have to post this one too. So funny! A friend of mine found this pic on FB and tagged me in it... TOO FUNNY!

So what other random Monday night things can I come up with??

ABC Family channel on TV has Christmas movies on all the time this month, which would be cool if all the movies weren't about how so many people don't believe in Santa and then the movie tries to convince you via the plot that he actually is real. We've watched some of them over the last few days and Moana is usually fairly intrigued but we need to stick with the benign ones because the Grinch scared the crap out of her. What was that anyway with those creepy green eyes?? Kids don't want to watch that! Interesting how any time she sees the bad guy in a movie she insists she's over it and doesn't want to watch anymore.

Out of the blue tonight she said "Santa's sleigh can't fly without an engine." Interesting how she's really thinking all this through. She believes, of course, because we lie to her every day, but my guess is that she is not going to believe as long as some other kids. I mean, if she's questioning already at 4... how long can this last?? Our Elf arrived the other day and I did my very best at acting surprised and wondering who he was and what he was doing at our house... so we read the book and I was like Oh wow Santa sent this magic elf from the North Pole how cool blah blah blah and Moana immediately said, very matter of fact, "Mommy, it's just a toy." Um, what's up with that?? In good news, when she woke up Sunday morning and found that he'd busted out of his box and was sitting on another bookshelf, she bought it. Phew. I would have been bummed if I totally would have wasted $29 on that thing.

At least he's cool and likes to ride bikes.

So I was craving chocolate today... ended up making these muffins with Moana this afternoon. Holy cow they are really good. And as far as muffins go, not so bad for you. I used almond flour in place of the regular flour and applesauce instead of the oil... used less sugar than the recipe called for but added some coconut flakes. They're rich and moist and not that sweet... totally can't taste the zucchini at all. Highly recommended if you're craving some comfort food... like say, for instance, you've been trying to survive on protein and vegetables for the last few weeks? Ahem. You're welcome. :)

And I am just going to offer up this little email exchange Nalani and I had tonight as proof of who, exactly, is the instigator in our crazy swims. I'm always game of course but she is the creative one who dreams this stuff up. Looks like we have a fun drunk ocean swim coming up at some point. If you're local and want in, let me know! I'm guessing it'll be a Sat or Sun afternoon thing...

I know, right?  He's going to do his own thing for the swim.  There's NO way I would get wet for 1600 planned meters... EXCEPT for a planned bsc swim involving beer and swim repeats at the beach.

PLEASE???  :).

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> For sure. I'd have a super hard time doing that!! Some of his pool days are shorter though... But even then to drive all the way o the pool for a 1600 swim wouldn't happen for me... 4K or bust. Lol.
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> On Dec 3, 2012, at 6:34 PM, Nalani Kaun <> wrote:
>> I think that if we did a weekend swim we would have to do ocean.  The base pool doesn't open until noon.  I don't think that we would end up at the pool if we left it for last after that kind of day.  Know what I mean?
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mmmonyka said...

I think that you should do a beer mile in a pool! But be careful, cleaning a vomit from a pool is much harder than cleaning it off a track. Ok, do it in an ocean. They probably would not let you do it in a pool anyway. And stay in shallow water.

BTW, I drive 15miles each way to do 1500 yards of drills on Tuesdays. It sucks!

mmmonyka said...

And I totally forgot. Can you imagine how confusing it must be for kids that are from a country where it is not Santa Clause that brings presents. We have a lot of American movies in Slovakia now and it is always Santa this Santa that, thus I wonder how parents explain to kids why they say that it is little Jesus that brings presents it is Santa that brings presents in movies.

sallyaston said...

Ha ha. Your daughter reminds me of my older son...he was a sceptic about those sorts of things, he always asked so many questions and I found myself hating all the lying (after all, are we not always teaching them to tell the truth ? LOL). He was the kid at Disney who would lift up the characters costumes and yell "there's a guy inside- I knew it!" much to the horror of the other little kids and their parents. Anyways, enjoy Santa and Elf as long as you can, then just teach her about the spirit of those traditions (and tell her not to blab to the other kids at school) :-)