Saturday, August 4, 2012

Random Notes From Boulder

So I'm in Boulder right now and probably should be getting my shit together for the race tomorrow but figured I'd update my blog instead. :) I don't feel like I'm mentally 'with it' enough to really tell a story so just some bullet points about what's been going on this week and what I've noticed... In no particular order...

~I'm staying with Kerrie and her family. They've been great hosts and they make strong coffee in the morning. It's awesome! Beth is here too from CA and she's been training her ass off. There was a big organized group ride like 110+ miles this morning (a bunch of local pros I think) and for a minute I contemplated bailing on the 70.3 tomorrow and doing that group ride today instead because it sounded like it would be something I would LOVE... but obviously I did not.

~I've ridden my bike 2x and swam once in the last two days since I've been here. Interestingly I have seen Dave Scott on all 3 workouts. Yesterday when I was getting out of the pool (he was about to get in the next lane) I couldn't help myself and I introduced myself and told him I was a fan. I know I'm such a dork but couldn't help myself he's such a legend! He looks like he is about 20 years younger than he actually is. That guy has nice skin. Luckily my social filter kicked in before I blurted that out at him, but that's what I was thinking.

~We saw Rinny riding today too. She was going ~12 mph behind a moped... clearly on a recovery interval. I would have enjoyed watching her do a fast part but we were driving and I got the pro-gawking thing out of my system yesterday with The Man so we did not wait around to stalk.

~So far I am not really feeling too many affects of the altitude. I felt it a little more in the pool vs on the bike but nothing bad at all. I do find myself incredibly thirsty here all the time though. It is really dry and my throat just feels dry all the time (as does my skin I am going through a lot of lotion that I never normally use). People seem to think it is hot but I don't feel hot. It just feels nice and warm to me. Apparently I am going to die of heat on the run tomorrow afternoon though- everyone says that- so we'll see. I truly do enjoy/prefer being warm though so I am not as worried as maybe I should be?

~Last night one of my best friends from high school came and picked me up and drove me to another high school friend's house for dinner. There ended up being 6 of us from Hudson High School there- people I have not seen in ~20 years- so that was just a ton of fun. I missed my 20th reunion which was earlier this summer in Ohio but last night made up for it for sure.

~This morning I met up with three of my athletes who are here to race tomorrow. We rode for a bit then ate at Boom Yogurt Bar which is apparently the Lava Java of Boulder. Funny bc I steer way clear of Lava Java when I'm in Kona but I was excited for this place! I've obviously given myself total permission to be touristy triathlete dork while I am here. And I am okay with that! ;)

~Kerrie has a pair of Recovery Boots and I've spent a good bit of time in them since I've been here. Not that I have actually done any workouts lately that have warranted their use, but regardless, my legs always feel light and springy when I am done with them. I wish I was made of money and could buy a pair. Unfortunately they are not on the top of my priority list at the moment as I just found out that not one but BOTH of my P3 frames have cracks in them and need to be replaced. The new one is under warranty but the old one is not so I don't know what I am going to do to solve this problem. Blah. I'm ignoring it for now because if you ignore cracks in your bike frame then they fix themselves, right? Either that or I need to find a new bike mechanic who is less adept at finding cracks in frames. I swear every time I take my bike equipment to Matt he informs me that it's so messed up to the point of not even being safe. Super.

~Today when I went to pick up my packet for the race tomorrow I walked by the ART tent and there was no line so I jumped in for a little tune-up. After a brief conversation with the ART gal about my issues she asked bout my STL (? somewhere in my ass) and I said I did not know if it was tight but she was welcome to check. Immediately upon touching me she gasped Oh my goodness and I took that as a sign that indeed I am a tight ass. She continued working on different spots down the posterior of my left leg and could not stop saying OH MY with every touch. I was thinking that she had been working on triathletes all morning at this tent so surely she had come across some people that had tight hamstrings/gluts/calves before, no?? I know I am not the only one. Anyway.

~So tomorrow we race. I keep thinking that I should feel more nervous or anxious or something but I really am feeling 100% calm about this one. I am anticipating a pretty good day (I have no reason to think I'll race poorly) but I don't know that I have the deep desire to really drill myself tomorrow- there's not enough on the line I think to force myself to truly suffer? I don't know. I'm hoping I can put together a decent day without having to really hurt myself but maybe not. I'll let you know how that works out anyway. ;)


Steve said...

Good Luck tomorrow Michelle. :)

xo. :)

Iron Krista, "The Dog Mom" said...

uhm yes. you need to race. that post was so ADD, full of energy randomness that you absolutely will have a great race tomorrow :)

JC said...

kick some bootay tomorrow lady:) That pic you post on FB ROCKS!

Kiet said...

It's already Sunday here, make it count tomorrow, will try and track you, give me something good to check on. Race tough and smart!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, FUN!!! =))

Kathy said...

race report?