Sunday, August 19, 2012

Race Week!

It's race week! I can't believe it. Ok I can believe it. I am just excited and it seems like you say things like I can't believe it! when you're excited. :)

Today definitely helped me get in the Ironman mood. I got to 'watch' two of my athletes race at Mont Tremblant and they both did awesome. Team BSC has scored 2 for 2 with Ironman PR's so far during this Ironman Palooza... Brian went 10:06 (7' PR) and Mike went 10:21 (77' PR!). Mike pretty much had my dream race (Swim 55', Bike 5:32, Run 3:46). Brian nearly even split his 3:26 marathon and went from 9th in his age group to 5th in the last 10K simply because he held pace and didn't slow down (easier said than done for sure). A lot can happen in that last 10K if you're not slowing down and Brian proved that today!

This is how you feel when you work your ass off and it all comes together on race day. I am so proud of these guys.
THAT is what I want to feel like next weekend!

SO... Nalani and I fly all day Wednesday to get to Penticton where it might be snowing.
Low of 37 degrees?? Are you kidding me? That is crazy. We are going to be holed up in our little B&B on Friday, dressed like Eskimos, next to a fireplace. That I know for sure. Maybe drinking wine. Wine makes you feel warm, no? Apparently there are two wineries within walking distance of the place we're staying (outside of Penticton where it is quiet and serene). Nalani said that's where she'll be (at the wineries) on Monday morning. I told her that if I could walk I would join her. She questioned my commitment and suggested that if I can't walk I should crawl. See? And you guys think I'm the crazy one. I'm telling you, she is crazier than me. She just doesn't keep a blog and announce her craziness to the world like I do.

Anyway, race day forecast calls for winds less than 5mph. Ha! That just cracks me up. I can't even imagine what a pleasant change it will be to ride my bike when it is sunny and in the 70's and not windy. I am going to have to have some serious chats with myself about pacing and holding back a bit on that bike b/c I'm guessing my tendency, in those conditions, will be to drill it. Because wouldn't that be a blast!?! No NO... I will channel my inner Brian and I will even split the marathon. I will channel my inner Brian and I will even split the marathon. I will channel my inner Brian and I will even split the marathon....

I'm partly packed. Nalani is bringing the pump and I'm bringing the Trigger Point rollers. She's bringing the coffee grinder and I'm bringing the french press and the coffee. We travel so well together. This should be a super fun week.


Steve said...

Have fun. I had some wine yesterday. :)

Iron Krista, "The Dog Mom" said...

1st. I was thinking about Brian & Mike all day yesterday!!!! #pumped

2nd. WTF are you going to for these weather reports? 37?? I do not see that!

3rd. Wine tasting Monday. ABSOLUTELY. We can go after the roll down & awards ;) Maybe Nalani can win some more TYR shit and share the wealth! Lol. We can all fit in our car so if you just drive over to our place Shane can drive ;) The wine isn't awesome…but some of it is pretty good.


Matt said...

Safe travels, flyin into Spokane?

Should be a fun day, if I see you on the bike I will remind you about your even split marathon ;)

Our plan is wineries Monday as well :)

Brett Miller said...

Good luck in Canada! Cool nights are much better than the scorchers we had last year. Don't let Ogopogo get you!

Molly said...

I haven't seen any weather reports like yours either!!!! Too funny, everyone is seeing different things.

SEe you soon!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you and Nalani!

Teresa said...

See you soon!!! Our team is swimming Friday morning, come join us!!!

Go Michelle and Nalani!!!!

PS. let us know if you need anything while you are here!!


Kiet said...

Almost Go Time! Can't wait to see the execution come race day. Okay, now I'm starting to get a bit of the IMC fever, I need to do that course again.

Jennifer Harrison said...

HAVE A GREAT race in Canada! Reap all your hard work - you have worked hard! GOOD LUCK and enjoy the day!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Oh and PS. 37F is dreamy. :) LOL

Libby said...

YES!! I can feel the excitement. safe travels and I'm so excited for you an Nalani!
oh and if it is that cold- mulled wine is the best if they have it there! its like hot apple cider but its wine! to die for :) YOU are one stellar coach. time for you to shine now. believe it. acheive it. you got this!

Katie said...

WAIT A SECOND. Is Michael Stevenson your Mike???? Because your world just got super duper tiny. (Email me).

Low of 37 degrees sounds amazing, but I love the cold weather. Maybe that's a little cool for IM.

I love race week! Enjoy it all sista!

hillary biscay said...

Been thinking of you lots with IMC just around the corner! I cannot wait to follow along and cheer on you and jennifer m. Really hoping for a reunion in kona :) I know you are gonna be great!

mtanner said...

But did you remember the raisins?