Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Few Notes From North of the Border...

Just a few notes here as I  want to get to bed... Not quite tired enough to sleep yet but trying to adjust to the time change!

~Canadians are SUPER friendly. Seriously, everyone we've encountered since we've been here has just been beyond nice and welcoming.

~Naramata is the place to stay if you ever come do this race. It's about 15' drive from the race site but well worth the time in the car for the beauty of the drive... And being a little further away from the Ironman scene this trip has made it incredibly relaxing and pleasant. 

~the weather forecasters lied about the wind being still. It's not crazy howling or anything but it's blowing for sure which is actually fine by me. Nalani and I did a sunset lake swim this evening and the chop was for real. I would love it of race morning was like that! Either way actually- wind or no wind- whatever. It's all good.

~Nalani has been laughing at me as I've told a couple stories about the last times I did this race... Honestly those races probably deserve a post of their own but we got a good laugh out of some of my memories. It's like 'You know you're an old-timer in the sport when...' And I'm saying things like "Well the first time I did IM Canada I registered by mail. Like, with a stamp! We didn't have back then." And when discussing gearing ratios for the climb up Richter and Yellow Lake and I told her "Well when I did this before we only had 9 speed bikes so I only had a 12-23 and I got through just fine..." Too funny. 

~So ya it's been a long time since I've done this- my first Canada was 15 years ago (15 years!!!) and then my second one was 9 years ago. I am SO glad to be back, especially given the news that this is the last official Ironman Canada. I'm sure it'll still be a great race as a Challenge event... But still... Sorta nostalgic given that I lost my Ironman virginity here. 

~Nalani and I have laughed A LOT so far this trip. It's been so easy and fun. Like laughed until we have cried... And we haven't even been drunk yet! Wait til we hit the wineries. 

~I heard there was a bit of a BSC convention in Louisville today! I saw pics of 5 of my athletes there (3 of whom are racing) riding together and it warmed my heart. If I was anywhere but here this weekend, I would be there!

Okay, enough of this for now. As always, check FB for pics! 


Beth said...

Oh my gosh Michelle - I'm totally cracking up that you registered via MAIL for your first IM!!! That is hilarious! That is def when you know you've been in the sport for a while. :)

Have an AWESOME race on Sunday. I will be cheering via computer all day and thinking lots of you! I know all your hard work is going to pay off BIG!!

mmmonyka said...

Good luck!!! And have fun! Though it seems you already have that.

mtanner said...

YEP BSC Convention in full effect. Gettin lucky in Kentucky :)

Matt said...

Very true!

I can give you some killer winery's to hit. One the people are foo funny and great wine with no sulfites

I am staying on main st, not downtown, like to be away from things

Teresa said...

15 years ago!!! Canada is glad to have you back. I forgot about stamps and mail...tahnks for the reminder. Excited to cheer for you!