Friday, December 2, 2011

New People At The Pool

So this morning, as is typical for a Friday morning, I was sitting on the edge of the pool deck chatting with Nalani when we saw a rather fit looking woman walking toward us. She looked vaguely familiar but I couldn't place her though I knew she was not someone I'd seen at this pool before. My friend Marcy was there and introduced the athletic woman as Melanie McQuaid. Ah ha! THAT is how I recognized her.

You know what is cool? When you are confident enough in your swim fitness to say to a 3x World Champion, Hey, wanna swim with us? She accepted my offer and after a long w/u we ended up spending 1800 quality meters together this morning. Ok technically she spent them closer to Nalani given that I was off the back a bit desperately trying to chase, but nonetheless, cool.

That was way better than my experience with another new woman at the pool this past Wednesday... I was about to get in to swim next to her and before she even saw me swim she told me to hold my line so I wouldn't run into her (no lane lines, remember?) I was like, um, ok. I wanted to snap back with something about how I'd been swimming at this pool for 7 years now and her first time here she's giving me instructions about how to do it?? Just keep your trap shut, Michelle. I was good and held my thoughts to myself but I'm telling you, this woman wore fins the whole time and I was swimming dead center on my line when she kicked me (how she managed that I have no idea??). Apparently she should have been more concerned about her own ability to hold a line.

Anyway, this week just flew by. I just spent the whole day sitting right here in front of my computer working. I've got an awesome crop of athletes right now, 13 of whom are building toward an Ironman next year (only 2 of which are first-timers). I love Ironman.


mmmonyka said...

Next time a multi Xterra champ shows up at your pool don't feel shy to ask her "You wanna race me?" :)

Does that other first timer has a blog? I would love to know what the hell other people were thinking signing up for this:)

Betsy said...

Pool Drama...always pool drama! Since I just moved I'm the new girl at the pool. I sat on the side waiting for a lane the other day cause I wasn't quite sure how it was done with all the masters and swimming lessons. Dork!

Molly said...

Poor drama stinks but I'm glad you made up for it with swimming with a world champion :)

Ginger Spansel said...

Pool drama stinks.