Friday, December 9, 2011

Mostly About Moana... And Some On Running.

So I don't have anything hugely important to blog about but I suppose there are a bunch of little things that my mom probably wants to know so here you go.

Moana is obsessed with wanting to go to her brother and sister's house. Hmmm. Where is your brother's house? I ask. Brother's house is at Holidays. She says. Oh, where is sister's house? She thinks to herself for a moment and then replies, Sister's house is at Molidays. (I don't know either but we've had this same conversation probably 4x in the last 3 days.)

Moana is also obsessed with Christmas lights. She LOVES them. We have Christmas lights on our tree and on our wall inside the living room and on her bedroom wall and on our outside patio. They are set up so they can be turned on via light switch and she asks every day if she can turn the Christmas lights on... then when she does she says Don't you just LOVE that?

Moana is extremely easy to buy Christmas presents for. Last night she went out for sushi with Auntie Nalani (true story! one of her favorite things to do!) while Scott and I went Christmas shopping. I restrained myself some because I don't think Christmas for a 3 yo needs to be some giant massive ordeal, but I will say that all I had to do was wander around from store to store and pretty much anything that had a princess on it or was colored pink would be something she would just flip over if she found it wrapped under the Christmas tree in a few weeks. Every time I ask her what she wants Santa to bring her for Christmas she ooohs and ahhhs and says she hopes he brings her Princess shoes. Shocking, I know. Christmas this year with a 3 yo is going to be already way more fun than Christmas without a 3 yo, that's for sure. :)

The marathon is this weekend. I am not bummed I'm not running it, which I suppose is a sign I made the right choice in choosing not to do it! I do think I'll go out there on Sunday morning though and run with some of my athletes for a while in Hawaii Kai... I have 4 athletes running it this year... one first timer who is going to shock herself and do really well, Nalani who's ready to PR, another gal who is rather new at running- this will be her second time running Honolulu- and she is going to PR by like an hour over what she did last year, and another guy who's been sick through most of the recent training block so honestly I just hope he finishes! But he's a man so he'll figure it out. ;)

I am finishing up a pretty big week of running myself (big for me anyway- I know some of you run a ton more). I am rather pleased with how well I have handled it so far... 65 miles planned this week (I've got 48 done so far) but I'm spreading it out over 9 runs so none of them are crazy long or anything. Running frequently makes it rather easy to accumulate volume... take today for example... 7 miles in the morning then 7 again this afternoon and ta-dah! 14 miles for the day but I swear I feel like I only ran 7 (i.e. I feel fine). Part of that is because those miles were all highly aerobic so I was not killing myself to get them done, but even the hard runs I do I'm recovering really well from. I do think that is the benefit of all those aerobic base miles I did this whole year. I totally remember (not too long ago!) when I had a hard time figuring out how to run 25 miles in a week without getting injured. Then I thought 30 was a big week... then 40 was a big week. Now 50 is normal and I'm trying to get to the point where 70 is normal. It's all relative, isn't it? One thing I know for sure is that running 30-35 miles/week does not work for me... I've been running for ~17 years now and it's taken me this long to get to the point where I can handle the volume I think I actually need to run the way I actually want to run. I think about what works for me in swimming... high volume and frequency. What works in biking? Lots of miles and riding frequently. I've never really run lots of miles before so that's the route I'm going in 2012. Stay tuned to see how it works. ;)


Beth said...

I think I definitely do better with high volume too. Although 65-70 miles of running (with biking and swimming too) is A LOT!! I have no doubt you will do awesome with it and come out stronger the other end! Have fun! :)

Iron Krista, "The Dog Mom" said...

Oh boy. Do I have to look forward to 70mile weeks when I've been doing this for 17 years. Yowzars. I hope not :-) I'm excited to see what a month of 35mile weeks do for me Sunday :)

BethanyRuns said...

Awesome! Just wanted to say I've been reading for awhile and really enjoy your blog!

Anonymous said...

I'm the same way with running. If I'm not running 40 miles a week or more I do not feel like a runner. And it's been a LONG time since I've put in that distance, but the 40+ mile weeks are right around the corner for me!! Last night I was just dreaming of running an 80 mile week. :) Of course I'm not cycling and swimming at the same time. That would kill me.