Friday, February 4, 2011

Stay In Your Bed

I just had to have a stern 'Stay in your bed' talk with Moana.

I was putting her to bed tonight and asked her, "Do you remember where you woke up this morning?" She smiled and pointed to the couch (also in her room) and said excitedly, "On the couch!"

Um, yeah. So this morning I went into Moana's room to check on her before I left for swimming... her room was still rather dark and all quiet and her bed was empty. Um, pause for moment of FREAK OUT for Mama. It didn't take long for me to see her on her couch, sound asleep, sprawled out on her back with her doggie pillow and blankie nearby.

So I'm not sure what happened last night? She didn't make much noise getting out of bed... she's stealth, that one. I'm guessing she just woke up and wanted to play in the middle of the night and fell back asleep on the couch before she had a chance to get back in bed. But whatever it was, it made me think that I should shut her door at night so she doesn't come wandering downstairs or anything.

I might not sleep so soundly tonight since I've been alerted to the fact that I need to listen for the sound of little feet wandering around...


N.D. said...

i would have had a major freak out moment!! I think I'll need gates when Nick is in a bed at first- he'd open the door! kinda cute that she was snuggled on the couch.

Regina said...

yeah, I think I told you this might happen? Once we took the side off the crib, he was fine. Then about a week into it when he realized he was free to come and go as he please...well sleep training was back on.