Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mama Can't See Straight

~I woke up this morning with my right eye completely swollen shut. Damn bee sting. I wrapped an ice cube in a wash cloth and held that on my eye until I could see at least a little and then went to the pool to swim. Nalani said it was hard to look at me. I looked like I'd been punched in the face. Excellent. I put my goggles on though and the problem was solved. No one had to look at me.

~Now my whole eye area and forehead itches like mad. Kind of a funny reaction to a bee sting, no? Maybe I need some Benadryl.

~I get such a kick out of watching Moana socialize with other little kids. Kirsten (our day care lady) has done such a nice job in teaching these kids how to interact with each other and it transfers over to other kids outside daycare. This afternoon I took Moana to the playground. There was another little girl there (almost 3yo) and Moana walked right up to her and said "Hi Friend!" She's such a cute little social butterfly. The two then climbed and played together and had a blast. At one point the other girl offered Moana some of the chips she was eating. Moana reached right into her bag and grabbed a few and then said, "Thank you for sharing!" She's so polite. :)

~I don't get a kick out of grown ups smoking near the playground. Really? Is that necessary? I actually asked a woman that today. I can keep my mouth shut in some situations but when someone is smoking at the playground around my all those kids, well, my mouth opened right up. Is it really necessary to smoke right here at the playground? Seems like maybe if you're going to smoke it would be better to go over there (I pointed far away). And the rude woman had the audacity to say "there are no kids right here" and she pointed to her immediate 2ft area. I just shook my head and said, astounding, and then walked away. She stood there right next to the climbing equipment and continued to puff away. Isn't there a law or something about smoking within a certain distance of playgrounds? If not, there should be.

~Yesterday I found out what the effect of too much caffeine actually is on HR. Usually I get up and run first thing in the morning and just have a shot of espresso first, but yesterday I waited and ran Moana to daycare in the jogger. This gave me a more leisurely morning around the house which included time for actual coffee. A whole french press of it in fact. In my defense, it was like the best coffee ever on the planet and I drank it black. SO, turns out that 2 big cups of coffee increases my HR by ~5 beats. Maybe not a big deal to some people, but that made my run awfully slow yesterday because when you're working within a low and narrow HR range, well, 5 beats is huge. Lesson learned, save the real coffee for post run. Except for Nalani. I found out that when she has a bike workout where the HR ranges look like they might be hard to hit, she drinks more coffee first. Um, I think that's called cheating.

Ok. I think that's enough random nothingness for tonight. :)


sisterbison said...

I'm glad you said something to that smoker. It's absolutely ridiculous that people think they have the "right" to cause air pollution, litter and increase the risk of lung cancer for everyone around them. Especially kids! Way to stand up for the playground kids! (Even though her reaction was rude, I'm sure on some level she felt ashamed and may think twice next time.)


Running and living said...

Bummer about the eye, though it does not seem to slow you down. Hm, Nalani is a smart woman, I need to try coffee before my zone 3 tempo bike intervals!

Jeff Vanis said...

Love the comment about cheating hr by having some coffee! That is quite creative. Hope the bee sting is getting better!

Kim said...

okay moana is the perfect little lady! how adorable! and good for you to speak up about the woman smoking on the playground. that's disgusting.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Do a little homework and find out what councilman or city official is really into fitness and has kids and write them a letter, I bet you can that law in the books

Trisaratops said...

Moana is so darn cute--I really wish we could arrange a marriage or something ;) ha ha!

Hope the eye is better soon!

Molly said...

Yeouch! I hope the swelling goes down soon. Her playground manners are too cute! Here we DO have a law about smoking in parks or near playgrounds. I am sooo with you on saying something though.

Aimee said...

Ouch about your eye! Hopefully the swelling will go down soon!

Ugh..I hate when people smoke near the playground too. It's so disgusting! I'm glad you said something to that lady. Even though she didn't stop on that day, maybe next time she goes to light up near a playground she'll think about it twice (at least we can hope so anyways!).

DR said...

Hi Michelle,

when i was small i used to have bee stings once or twice a year and i would swell terribly. last year i was carrying my daughter when i felt a terrible burn on my hand -- never saw the bee, but pulled out a huge stinger out of my hand. the swelling wasn't as bad as i remember but it was itchy for a long time, wow. and it was the kind of itch that got worse if you scratched just a little bit. i would definitely take some benadryl to get you through the next 5 days!

moana is such a little sweetie! it must be the parneting :-)

and finally, i would have freaked out on that smoking lady. it just drives me nuts when people are so inconsiderate.

Laurie said...

I live just about as far away from Hawaii as possible but if I had a kid I would probably commute to get her into Moana's daycare.
As for the smoker, seriously? How rude and how dumb can one person be? Although I guess if she thinks that sucking down smoke is good for her she might not understand the logic of not doing it near kids.

momo said...

hi, michelle - i was referred to your blog from a friend of mine here in az... re: the bee sting - i had been stung a number of times as a child and had no big reaction, but about three years ago - one got me and my finger got so swollen, i went to the doctor. i ended up with antibiotics because they were afraid i was going to have compartmental syndrome - turns out, some people get MORE allergic as they get older. definitely be careful and maybe see your doc if the swelling doesn't go down.

Regina said...

Bee sting?! I've been living under a rock. I hope you get better soon.

Um, I have a cup or two of coffee before my runs and my rides....wonder what it would be like if I didn't.

Lizzie said...

Good for you for saying something. Seriously - you're such a lazy bum that you can't walk a far enough distance away and enjoy (?) your smoke?
Love Moana's manners - you can credit daycare, but pretty sure she's getting most of it at home :)