Friday, February 11, 2011


Question: What do you get when you combine an addicted long course triathlete with a low volume rest week and then add a bit of PMS?
Answer: A husband who can't get out the door quick enough to go to work.

It's amazing, really, the effect that all this has had on my mindset. I've been in a complete funk for several days now. Contrasted with the flying high feeling of nailing a long weekend of solid Ironman training I had just 5 days ago.

I'm guessing the PMS hormones are not helping. Since I've started seriously training by heart rate I've noticed that indeed, once a month my HR goes nutso and I just feel like a horrible heavy blob. I was supposed to do a run test this morning... got up to do it and knew I felt like crap, but hoped irrationally that once I got going I'd be ok. (Irrational is something I do really well when I'm PMSing.) So I started jogging down the hill from my house and glanced down at my HR to see it at 146, which is 10+ beats higher than it would normally be at this point. I did make a rational decision at this point (2 minutes into my run) to scrap the test today. I went through this last month- coach has an amazing ability to pinpoint when my worst day of the month is going to be and plan a run test that day. Last month I went through with the test anyway and then felt shitty about it for the rest of the day b/c I *knew* it was not representative of what my training had been... repeated the test 3 days later and got the results I should have had- a difference of ~35 sec/mile at the same HR between the 3 days. That is significant.

Anyway, this morning I jogged over to the track anyway b/c I had a couple of pace 200's on the schedule so I figured at least I would do those. But then of course my dirt track was like a mud pit from all the rain we got last night and those 200's were like running through quicksand. Then I found myself incredibly pissed off at the little rock that found its way into my shoe... and even Miley Cyrus couldn't get me to put my hands up they're playin' my song.... couldn't nod my head like yeah, movin' my hips like yeah... You know if you can't smile at that song that something is seriously wrong.


In a bit of good news, when it started raining on me while I was walk/jogging home, I looked up and saw a rainbow, and made a mental note that this too shall pass, and at some point in the near future I'm going to be back to feeling like me again.


Teresa said...

Yes, this too shall pass....and Miley Cyrus will have you smiling again soon!!!



Running and living said...

PMS-ing right now, and feeling just like you describe. And very hungry with no reason! Oh, and I love that Miley song even though I don't often admit it!

Anonymous said...

My HR does that too. And morning to night is different! The weeks almost over Michelle, hang in there and you will be smiling again soon!!

Molly said...

It's almost over as it's now Friday! I already warned my husband that I'll be a cranky b*tch next week with rest week, so you are not alone.

Regina said...

Ok, first it's country music and now Miley Cyrus? Girl, you need a music intervention! ;)

rr said...

Just catching up on the blog and wish I'd read this sooner, so I could have acted like a super-hormonal bitch at work... then you would seem like the nicest girl ever when he got home :)

Have a wonderful birthday in Kona, sounds like a blast!