Saturday, January 1, 2011

Relentlessly Positive

I'm not huge on New Year's resolutions... I don't think its necessary to wait until a certain day of the year to make necessary changes in our lives. If something needs to change, why wait? Start immediately. Or maybe that just shows a lack of patience on my part. Lol. ;)

So my 'resolution' to stay relentlessly positive no matter the situation is not something that is brand new in 2011... I think I actually saw this as advice that someone posted on Facebook several months ago and I just adopted it for myself right then and there. Yep. There's that sense of urgency again. Regardless, the first day of 2011 presented a nice opportunity for me to continue practicing my mantra. (Isn't that a very positive way to look at the fact that I rode through a shitty rainstorm for several hours this morning?)

On the schedule today- long aerobic ride 3:30-4:00 depending on how I felt. It wasn't raining when I started but the roads were pretty wet. Typical for an early morning this time of year. I actually didn't think much of it. But it didn't take long for the water to start falling from the sky. It fell hard. In big drops. And it wasn't stopping. In fact, I was just riding right into a dark cloud up ahead and the puddles in the road grew deeper with each mile. Lovely.

I started to get pissed for sure. I mean, really? It's been f'ing raining for like 2 straight weeks now and my bike is a mess and I can't see a thing through these sunglasses but I can't take them off b/c rain would then be pelting me in the eyes and I can't see the potholes through the puddles and I'm not even an hour in and am I really going to survive 3 more hours of this???

Didn't I do a nice job of staying positive? Ha! I caught myself falling into this pattern of thinking and actively reversed it. Here are some of the thoughts that went through my mind when I sought out the positives:

~I am riding my bike. Outside. On January 1. In a sleeveless jersey.

~I'm not cold.

~My skin is waterproof. Isn't that cool!?!

~I live in Hawaii.

~It's not that windy.

~There is air in both my tires.

~I haven't been hit by a car today!

~I'm not on a trainer.

~I am making a nice deposit in my fitness bank.

~My heart rate is right where I want it to be.

~My heart rate monitor has not zeroed out on me today.

~I'm going to have a really good reason to clean my bike this afternoon.

~I feel rather strong.

That's pretty much all I came up with but it lasted me through several more hours until the sun came out. That's the nice thing about living in Hawaii. Don't like the weather? Wait an hour. It will change! Sure enough, as I neared home the roads started to dry out and the sky went blue and I felt like I was rewarded for my positive thinking. :)

I took this picture toward the end of my ride. Nice, huh? Makes you think I was just imagining all those dark clouds and rain.
So in the end it wasn't so bad. Now I just have good memories of an aerobic ride that made me stronger.

I also had a very dirty bike. (See? I wasn't actually imagining the dark clouds and rain.)
But now she is sparkling clean! I spent some time hosing her down this afternoon so now she's cleaner than she was when we started. Perfect!

So there you go. Relentlessly positive. That is what I will be in 2011. Even while riding through a nasty rainstorm. :)


Beth said...

I love that saying! I stole if from you and boy does it work. :) But I have to say, I'm really not sure that 3 hours in the rain is better than 3 hours on the trainer. At least you have a clean bike now!! :)

Running and living said...

I have to say, running in the rain vs the trainer, I'll take the trainer any day. In fact, I am learning to love the trainer:) Having said that, the pic is making me jealous.
I love the "relentlessly positive" mantra. Mine is "make it work":)

Jeff Vanis said...

Nice work on getting the ride done! Looks like it turned out to be a great day! I agree about not needing to wait until a new year to make changes.

Molly said...

Bwahahahahahaa for "my skin is waterproof." L-O-L.

My bike is probably as dirty as yours after yesterday - I didn't get actual rain but rode right in between storms. I imagine your legs were as dirty-gritty as mine too!

I hear you on the positive thing though. When I was training for IM AZ, I found I had to develop a system for turning my mental state around on long rides and that somehow became singing 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall until things improved or reciting The Jabberwocky (don't ask). But it worked - one round through and I'd be feeling better and turning my attitude around!

Teresa said...

I love your "relentlessly positive" approach to the new year....LOVE IT, in fact!

And its only a lil' rain right?!

Happy New Year!

GoBigGreen said...

Oh Man, that is a gorgeous pic at the end of your ride.
I love that saying...good one and so glad you got outside today! SO JEALOUS:) Happy New Year Michelle!

Angela and David said...

Come suffer through these midwest winters and then see how relentlessly positive you are. If I couldn't complain about it I'd go insane. I will not be copying your new year's resolution.

Charisa said...

Love it!

kerrie said...

your relentlessly positive thing really isn't working out that well for me, i don't know if you had realized. let's try:
michelle: i'm riding my bike out side today...
me: sob
michelle: and i'm wearing a sleeveless jersey
michelle:it may be raining but at least i'm not stuck inside on a trainer.
(i don't really even know what that was, but it's still not working out for me....)lol

Katie A. said...

Love this! Staying positive can be difficult, and can often feel fake when you start. But once you start leaning towards that mindset, it makes everything so much more managable!
Just getting all caught up - congrats on the great swim race, the new coach and all that 2011 will bring! Can't wait to follow along!
Happy New Year!

Regina said...

I'm with Kerrie. I can't use any of that! "riding my bike outside today"; as if, "sleeveless jersey" Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! "Not inside stuck on a trainer"; again, lmao! "I live in Hawaii"; AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT! "I haven't been hit by a car today'; me neither!!! but how can I when I am stuck inside on a trainer!

Obviously my glass is half empty. What do you want from a New Yorker? ;)

Kathy said...

I'm stealing your New Years Resolution too!
AND~I agree....why wait for 'one' day of the year to change. Decisions are 'just that'....choices you make. Change your choice today:)