Sunday, January 9, 2011


Which is worse? The last mile of a 5K that you took out too fast when your legs are just failing and you feel like you might piss yourself (oh, the challenges of natural childbirth...) OR the cold hard fact that you are just not as fast as you want to be?

Agony. In both cases.

Which is fine, really. Nalani sent me a text this morning asking how the 5K went. My response: It was a good test that confirms I have a lot of work to do. How's that for a relentlessly positive description?

It was a good lesson for me b/c this is the first time I've ever done a 5K with a heart rate monitor. I was pretty sure I could hold a HR that was about 13 beats higher than what coach suggested. Turns out, I cannot. So I learned that one the hard way. Might be the best way to learn a lesson, no? Actually, what it was is that I had decided on a pace that I thought was reasonable (except it was not) for the 5K so I did the first mile at that pace and disregarded my HR. The email response from coach said something about how I can't just ignore my anaerobic threshold and arbitrarily pick a pace I wish it was at. I can't? Shoot. And that next time maybe I should pay attention when he gives me guidelines for  a race. Ok. Got it.

In good news, a 5K has about as much in resemblance to an Ironman as thether-ball has to knitting. Or something like that.

Anyway, it was a challenging morning on a lot of fronts. But I came home and got to play with this little fairy which made it all better. Looks like we're both trying to figure out how to fly.


Running and living said...

I love this! I am such a strong believer in taking risks in small races like a 5K. Oh, and I'd trade the leg or pee issues anytime for my puking vomiting issues:)

Aimee said...

Oh the lovely childbirth pee issues...been there lots of times!!

I'm sorry your race didn't go like you would have hoped, but it sounds like you learned a great lesson from it!

Regina said...

Just so you know, the baby doesn't have to come out the old fashion way to affect your ability to hold water. I had a C section and I am a disaster of fluid proportions.

Interesting you didn't listen to your coach. I guess the urge to challenge yourself was greater.

Molly said...

I do love your positivity!!! Who wants to be in their best shape of the year in January anyway...(OK we might WANT but it's not ideal, right?)

Anonymous said...

i know exactly how you feel! you'll get there, patience and trust is key. Moana is ADORABLE!!!

Lizzie said...

"Loo out world - here I come!" - I'm thinking that while looking at that (gorgeous) pic of Moana, but also thinking that a certain relentlessly positive mama will also be saying that soon. :)

Jeff Vanis said...

The childbirth pee thing made me laugh a little, although I better get that in check if my wife and I are going to start trying in the semi-near future!

One could argue that the 5k is physical and the speed is mental, but I think there is still a good amount of mental in the 5k as well.

I have yet to "run" a real 5k seriously. Some small things like at work, but I hope to hit one up this year!

Rebecca DeWire said...

My 'pee your pants' issue started during high school cross country so
i can't blame mine on my kids. It also happened to other girls on my time (always after we crossed the finish line and stopped) and we thought that it meant you raced hard :)