Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's only January 4th and I'm already resorting to blog posts full of random nothingness. Lol. But if you wish to waste your time (and really, why else do we read blogs?), continue reading...

~Turns out, I really like my routine. I mean, anyone who knows me could have guessed this, but I was quite happy to get up Monday morning, go swim, send Moana to daycare then come home and catch up on work. I have been quite effective the last few days with work and that feels good.

~Not shockingly, my little apple didn't fall far from her tree. Moana was *very* happy to go back to day care. In fact, several times over the two week break she asked if she could 'go to Auntie's house'... This morning I dropped her off and she didn't even look at me to say goodbye. Just ran into the house squealing with joy. Ok then.

~Maybe she didn't say goodbye to me because I was all sweaty? I ran her down to day care with the jogger this morning. She loves that. She was actually quite upset that she no longer has running shoes to wear in the jogger. (She outgrew hers and Santa did not bring her a new pair. Bad Santa). I tried to convince her that some people actually run in Crocs, but she didn't buy it.

~Coach gave me an extra 7 heart beats to play with this morning on my run (after I dropped M off). I was *super* excited about this. Maybe I could actually run faster than 10 minute pace today?? Woohoo! But then I completely screwed it up because it's just too damn hilly around my house. Even with those 7 extra beats I couldn't run up those steep hills like I used to. Though I tell you what, I couldn't run fast enough down them to keep my HR in the right zone either. I need some flatter routes. OK, wait. Let me be relentlessly positive about this. I'll rephrase it. Ready? I'm learning so much while trying to figure out pacing efforts on steep hills! :)

~Grammy goes home tomorrow. :( I know she is ready to go (she likes her routine too!), but Moana is going to miss her. Every morning Moana has woken up and said, "Where's Grammy?" She just adores Grammy. It's very cute. And very reciprocal.

~Potty training was a total no-go over the break. I was hoping to get it knocked out while I had her home more but it was like she knew that all of a sudden it was more important to me and she totally regressed and just started saying NO, she didn't want to sit on the potty. Ok. Whatever. I didn't push it. Looks like that last box of diapers I bought at Costco will not be my last box to buy after all. I'm not stressed about it. Moana is super smart and she *knows* how to go on the potty. It's just going to have to be a decision she makes all on her own. And when she does, I think it'll be quick and easy.

~I still have not taken down our Christmas tree. The only reason is that I am too lazy.

Ok, that's enough random nothingness for tonight. Night night.


Kim said...

love the randomness michelle! my mom recently told me that i was super adverse to potty training and my mom didnt push it , but one night my family was going out for dinner and i decided i didnt want to wear my diaper. so i didnt. and i have been potty trained ever since. so thats great you are letting moana make that decision :)

and yay for 7 extra heart rate beats. thats awesome - what a huge change!

Molly said...

Ooh good, now I won't feel bad posting the randomness I've been pondering :-)

Kiet said...

"Coach gave me an extra 7 heartbeats" so funny to read this, sounds like he is giving you a gift...to work harder. Ha ha ha!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Everything seems so random at this time of the year! Random blogs are great - glad you had a great time w/ your mom in town! That is the best! Glad you are adjusting to the new HR zones too!

idropboys said...

Don't stress on the potty training...she will learn and do it on her own time and then it will be a piece of cake. 10 years later you will hardly remember the stress- Don't force it....I have yet to see a Kindergartner in diapers-

Happy running...or maybe race walking ;)

Anne said...

My Christmas tree is till up too ... too lazy to take it down as well! We decluttered our closets last weekend and we were out of energy to do the tree.

Regina said...

I didn't push the potty training either. I will say the pooping went well and easily, but as far as peeing went, I didn't push mostly for selfish reasons; much easier to have in in diapers than to have to look for a bathroom and what if he couldn't hold it? I didn't do anything until he was about 3.5 years old. Then one day we went and pick out underpants and put them on. We had a couple of accidents, but by the end of the week he was trained.

Now I have to tackle the overnight diaper and getting him to wipe successfully, nothing like swamp ass to ruin your day.

GoBigGreen said...

The first time last year i used the band i was SO. SORE. in my obliques and lats, but i am pretty used to it now. I love it, and the comments people give us when we use the band are like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"! I make up funny stuff like " just in case i fall off a boat and my shoes are tied together, then i can get back to land." hahaha.
Random is good:) ( see above comment:)