Saturday, September 25, 2010

With A Little Perspective I Probably Won't Think It Was THAT Bad

I have to laugh when I think about Karen's comment immediately after the 25K this morning... "Well that was a nice way to ruin my weekend." Ha!

Unfortunately I did not have the run I wanted this morning (obviously, neither did Karen). I have not felt super all week and while I was hopeful that I would be able to pull of my 8 min miles again, I think deep down I knew that my body just might not be up for it today.

I won't go into great detail, but here are a few bullet points:

~At mile 3 when my HR was already 177 (like 15 beats above where it should have been) and I was only running 8:15's, I ripped off my HR monitor.

~I really think that miles in Kailua are longer than miles in Kalaeloa.

~They really should put aid stations more often than every 3 miles when it's that hot out.

~The downhill you get after an uphill does not cancel out the slowness of the mile.

~Running into a stiff headwind when you're trying to hit a specific split is just not fun.

~15 miles is a long way to run when you're dying.

Look how good I am at pretending I feel great when there is a camera around!?! Of course, this was only like mile 9. Notice the HR monitor strapped around my belly button?

Driving home, Nalani and I were discussing our disappointment with our performances in this race. It's amazing how our perspectives and expectations change over time... If I step back and look at the big picture, I see that I averaged 8:16's for 15 hot hilly windy miles today. I was 115th OA (out of like 800+ I think) and 4th in my age group. That is not terrible. A year ago I would have been over-the-moon-THRILLED with that! Yet somehow I am not the least bit satisfied with that performance today. I probably should not be so hard on myself, but this was NOT a confidence booster for the marathon.

So instead of focusing on the negative, I'm going to think about the positive. 15 miles at 8:15 pace is a solid marathon training run. I've never run 15 miles at a pace like that before, so it's a PR. I get tomorrow completely off. No training whatsoever. 4 more weeks before the 30K which is good... I can actually do some long easy training runs in the meantime.

From this picture, you'd never know that we had all just been through hell.

Oh my poor aching legs!

At least *somebody* had a good day today. Andrew found a new gear today! Must be magic in that singlet. Lol.


The Chapples said...

I was just talking to my training partner this morning about how every race can't be awesome. I know we all want that, but it's not reality. You've also come off of some hardcore races so it makes sense that you were not at 100% today (wait, who is the coach here? :P). Anyway, I bet you will find some perspective in a few days. :)

Andrew Thomas said...

Ha cheers. Look who's famous!

Regina said...

"Into every life a little rain must fall". I guess the same could be said about training and racing. As you said though, that is a pretty amazing feat to keep 8:15 for 15 miles. When I grow up, I want to run just like you!

I was soooooo hoping the HR monitor could get reading off my waistline....damn!!

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Although you are disappointed with how you did, I think you did awesome! That is a super fast pace for that distance, and like you said, you've never been able to hold that pace for that long of a distance before! Be proud of what you accomplished!
That being said, we all have bad days and races. Moving forward from them is what really matters!

Running and living said...

I had a bad run, too (but really not as bad as I initially though:). Plenty of time 'till the 30K.

Lizzie said...

I read out your bullet point for the race to my husband who finished 7 miles today - he empathized with you . . . at least for 7! :) Seriously, 8:15's is just amazing!

Beth said...

Oh running in that heat will do it to you! You need to come run here, in the cool 45 degrees weather, and you'd be running 7:45s. ;) Way to keep it positive - still a PR! Congrats Michelle!

Katie A. said...

That is an awesome pace for 15 miles! Be proud! (sorry I'm a little late!)

And it was just one day, and it was hot, and it was hilly and there was a whole host of other things I'm sure and to knock off that time is awesome. Enjoy it! You've got that 3:30 in you girlie!